Percival updated to Albion Online and Solo Randomized Dungeons

Posted by xiayumin on June 20th, 2019

When Percival landed on July 10, Albion Online received another major update. It includes new content, including additional custom options, independent random dungeons, loaded skins, new monsters and many new features for player weapons. These things have long been expected by the players, this update, so that players can feel the new gaming experience.

The following is the entire content of this update.

Solo Randomized Dungeons - These new dungeons for Buy Albion Silver solo players may be created by creating a random portal around the world, providing a range of environments for all major animal factions.

Mount Skins - This new system allows players to unlock permanent appearance changes for a variety of mounts, from horses and cows to exotic and collectible mounts. The look has become more interesting and more responsive to the tastes of the players.

Customized options - Players can now choose from Buy Albion Online Silver a wide range of hair, beard, face and underwear options and simplify personal banking with new tags and increased capacity.

New Mobs - Percival brings a host of new creatures with unprecedented spells and skills, including new traps and nested enemies to deal with the battlefield.
New abilities for player weapons - Various weapons include new spells and talents, adding options and depth to different combat builds.

The above is the general content of this update. Every update can attract more players to join in. Have you got some understanding of this update before? If you feel too boring, then download and experience this fun game!

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