Helpful Tips to Clean Your Air Optix Contact Lenses

Posted by sofia comas on June 25th, 2019

Lenses need to be handled carefully as you would be putting them into your eyes and would want to ensure that dirt does not go into eyes and also that you are spending on the right pair of sunglasses. Listed below are some useful tips that would be perfect for cleaning your air optix aqua contact lenses:

• Always wash your hands before you put on your contact lenses and that too with soap and water so that you can rinse and dry your hands using a lint-free towel.

• While cleaning, you need to rub the contact lenses in the palm of your hand with the help your fingers and rinse the lens with the help of a solution before soaking them. This method is considered to be perfect by experts as it is a superior method of cleaning even when you tend to use no-rub variety.

• The lens cases that you use might be a source of infection and contamination. In case you to prevent infection, you should keep the contact lenses clean and replace them regularly for at least every three months. Never use cracked or damaged lens cases and make sure that you clean them regularly with the help of a sterile solution or hot tap water and make sure that you let it air dry when you use it.

• You must minimize the use of water with your contact lenses even when you are removing lenses or going for exercise where you might be sweating or for swimming. You should make sure to rinse the lens with water.

• You should put your lenses and then put on the makeup so that it does not get into your lenses. Also, make sure that you take out your lenses before you remove your makeup.

• In case you are using a hair spray, make sure that you use it before you put your contacts as there are chances that the spray particles might enter your eyes. It is also a good idea to avoid touching the lenses with the fingernails as there are chances that dirt might harm them or even get scratches for that matter.

On a final note, always remember to regularly clean your lenses so that dirt does not stick to them and also that they remain scratch proof for the longest time. Always keep your hands clean while touching the lenses and always consult an eye specialist if you are new to using these lenses as they can advise you on the ways in which you should take care of your lenses.

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