Does Blogging Help With SEO? 5 Essential Steps For SEO Success With Blogging

Posted by sandeepmehta on June 26th, 2019

SEO is the best strategy to drive paid traffic to your website. However, it can be a challenging task to master it. And the task can become even more challenging considering that Google changes its policies and algorithm regularly. That's means when you finally get the hang of an SEO strategy, Google changes the rules and you're back to the ground. However, one SEO strategy that has remained unchanged for long is blogging. If done right, blogging can help your website rank high on search engines. It's no wonder that almost every website today comes with a blog section. The question is How does blogging help with your SEO? Read on to find out:

1. Content is still king

Regardless of the SEO strategy you implement, the content will remain the key ranking factor for search engines. Why? Because content is the reason people go online. They go online to find useful content that will help them make a buying decision. It's no wonder that websites with high-quality, fresh and unique content rank high on search engines. Blogging is the best strategy to create high-quality, fresh and unique content. Blogging allows you to write freely and present information in a useful and unique way.

2. Keywords are still important in SEO

While Google frowns upon and punishes keyword stuffing, keywords are still important because they help potential customers to find your website. However, you have to use keywords properly to avoid being penalized by Google. Keywords work well when placed within your blog posts. That's why blogging is important when looking to rank high on search engines. Once you create a blog post, you can place your keyword or keyword phrase in the title, body, and conclusion. This makes it easy for people searching with the same keyword or keyword phrase to find your website. And a high-ranking website means more traffic and sales.


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3. Enables you to create links and get backlinks

Links can help with your SEO big time. For example, if many authority blogs and websites link to your content, you get a lot of traffic and your search engine rankings increase. The best way to get backlinks is through blogging. Blogging enables you to create epic blog posts that will get many authority blogs and websites to link to them. Also, with your blog posts, you can link out to other blogs and websites to drive traffic back to your website. You can also create internal links to increase your page rank and get visitors to view all your web pages.

4. Blogging enables you to reach your target audience on social media

If you search anything online today, you're more likely to get social media results. This shows how social media has grown and how important it is when looking to rank high on search engines. Also, social media can help you drive a ton of traffic to your business website and make a lot of sales. Blogging is the best way to get a ton of traffic to your business website and increase sales. Why? A blog comes with social share buttons that allow you to share your posts to different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And if readers find that your posts are useful, they will share them with friends and this will increase the visibility of your website.

5. Blogging allows you to share video content

Video can greatly help with your SEO effort, considering that the new generation of consumers is obsessed with colored visuals. That means you are more likely to sell your products or services if you advertise them with video. A blog allows you to post video content and share them with your target audience. And this can help drive a lot of traffic to your business website and skyrocket your sales.

If you live in India and are looking to increase the visibility of your website with SEO, you can hire an SEO consultant India to do it for you. With this guideline, you have a blueprint to hire the best SEO consultant in India to optimize your website for SEO with blogging.  

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