New Immigration Policy Bundle to Benefit Germany Job Seeker Visa Applicants

Posted by Global Tree on June 27th, 2019

The parliament in Germany, has recently ratified and passed a bundle of new regulatory policies for immigration as well as asylum seekers. These new policies are expected to benefit skilled immigrant aspirants including applicants for the Germany job seeker visa. Apart from opening up job opportunities in various sectors to skilled as well as unskilled immigrants, the policies also have paved the way for better management of asylum seekers who have been deemed unfit for stay in Germany and have been singled out for deportation.

The new measures that have been approved by the German government are expected to make it more convenient to integrate new skilled immigrants into the Germany economy and society. The new policies which comprise of seven laws, that provide an easier route to immigration and integration for new entrants to Germany. The laws are a mix of measures that provide better job opportunities for applicants for Germany job seeker visa.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Applicants to Benefit from New Policies

A set of laws for immigration to Germany, applies to Germany job seeker visa candidates. The law makes it easier to integrate skilled candidates who hail from outside the European Union into the labor market in Germany. The following changes is expected to be made to the policies for Germany immigration which applies to job seekers from countries outside Europe

  1. The requirement policies for entry to Germany would make it more easier for skilled workers from non-European countries
  2. The requirement for entry, for non-European skilled immigrants would not be restricted to certain categories that have been deemed as facing a labor gap.
  3. Immigrant can apply for and accept jobs, without waiting to see if a German or European Union citizen is available for taking up the position
  4. Specialists in the IT field will now be able to enter the country without having to go through an apprenticeship period if they have several many years of work experience.
  5. Immigrant laborers who are qualified will be allowed to arrive in Germany and integrate easily into the country’s labor market.  Germany for a short time to look for a job without an employment contract.
  6. Immigrants who arrive in Germany from third world countries have a better chance of receiving two year residence and work permit.

Immigrants in Germany Are In Demand

Skilled immigrants from various sector, are in high demand all over Germany. Immigrants from different sectors such as teaching, accounts, industry, administration, policing, IT and others. Skilled immigrants are in high demand in the public sector with more than ten percent of the public employees coming from outside Germany, according to a survey conducted by the country’s Federal Statistics Office and Institute for Population Research (BIB). Immigrants as well as children of migrants are on average more educated then German citizens, which is leading to a high demand for immigrants in skilled and academic jobs.

In research and innovation too, immigrants are sought after, with one out of every ten patent applicants being filed by persons who came from outside the country. The share of applications for patents from immigrants has gone up from 6.1 percent to more than 9 percent over the past seven years according to the latest report released by the German Economic Institute (IW), which clearly indicate that immigrants are making a strong contribution to Germany’s economic and innovative growth.

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