Why The Uses Of Silicon Rubber Sheet Are Increasing Day By Day? Check Out!

Posted by David Kenton on July 3rd, 2019

Silicon Rubber Sheets: Are becoming very popular when comes to its uses in industry sector. Silicon Rubber is widely used in industries for its strongest elastomer property. It is a polymer that contains silicon, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. The usage of Silicon Rubber Sheet is increasing day by day for its unique characteristics. In uncured state silicon rubbers are always in the form of liquid, to covert this into solid state vulcanization is needed. The vulcanization can be done by many systems, such as-

• Condensation System:

It is a room temperature vulcanization system, where the silicon is exposed to the hydrolytic system in which the vulcanisation is done. 

• Plutonium-Based System:

In this system, two chemicals – silicon hydride and vinyl react in the presence of the platinum, and the vulcanization is done by that.

• Peroxide System:

one or two organic peroxides are used for the breakdown of the rubber and vulcanization is done. These were three systems by which silicon is cured and made a solid state. The solid state is then widely used in many industries for its unique features, which is-

1. These rubber sheets are well resistant to high temperatures. It can operate between -100 to -350 degrees approximately.

2. The compression set is also very good.

3. It has the property of dielectric strength that means it is well resistant to high voltage of electricity.

4. Thermal conductivity is also a very effective property of it.

5. It is also tear proof.

6. It has a very long lasting life.

7. It is also fire resistant.

8. These rubber sheets are highly inert, and they do not react to many dangerous chemicals.

9. These rubber sheets can sustain in extreme weather conditions.

10. The density, elongation power, and the hardness of this are also very appreciative.

These were some special features of silicon rubber sheets. For these properties, the application areas of these mats are also huge.

Let’s see the application areas for these rubber sheets:

• Silicon rubber sheets can be used tubes, stripes, solid cords, etc.
• Used in many cooking, baking and food storage industries.
• It is also used in the life science sectors also.
• In water heating panels.
• It can be used in industries that work in extreme freezing conditions.
• It can be used in the gaskets and sealing industries.
• It also can be used for electrical insulation.
• It can be used in the industries that deal with medical devices.

Besides silicon rubber sheets, there are many rubber sheets that are present in the market, which is also used for industrial purposes. A Nitrile Rubber Sheet is one of them. Nitrile rubber is a copolymer 2-propenenitrile. However, its physical and chemical properties can vary from different polymers. But the key properties always remain the same, like-

• The density of these products is very good.
• It retains lower glass transition temperature.
• Hardness is also very good for these mats.
• Tensile strength is also very good.
• Fire resistant
• Electricity resistant.

There are many other features also present, but they vary from polymers to polymers. The key features are the same for all of them, though.

The usability of these mats are:

• Used in industries that deal with oils and petroleum products.
• Used in fuel hoses and gaskets.
• In pharmaceutical industries.
• In aquatic industries.

As said earlier there are other rubber sheets also there. Some rubber sheets are finely ribbed.
These rubber mats, also known as anti-slipped rubber mats, it has high grip cloth on the button surface that prevents the slipping property.

These rubber mats are used in:

• Wet areas for its anti-slip quality.
• It protects the subfloor from the impact of water leakage.
• Used for the shelving protection, and in the workbenches.
• Helps in soothing the footsteps in the noisy areas.
• It can be used in electrical device rooms for protecting them from water leakage.

The usability of this mats tells that there are many features present in it for which these mats are widely used. These mats are easily cleaned and can be easily installed. The Fine Ribbed Rubber Mat is actually used to prevent slipperiness. But these rubber mats are used in both the purposes be it the households of being it any industry. 

So, it is definitely understood that why rubber mats are becoming a great choice for industries as well as for residential purposes also.

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