How to obtain medical e visa on the same day?

Posted by eindianvisa on July 5th, 2019

India has always proven to be on the epitome of all medical endeavors for several years as of now. It’s mainly because of the cheap medical services and the best treatment that you can get. Thus, getting to India can be a bit tricky, but all can be resolved when you apply for visas online. Availing e medical visa is the ways to go. But don’t worry, you can get them within 24 hours as these medical visas are given on a high priority basis. But then there are specific clauses that you might have to satisfy before you apply for e urgent visa for India. All of which are given below.

  • The treatment that you are going to get in India needs to be prescribed by a practicing doctor and produce official letters and recommendations to avail the services of e medical visa.
  • Along with the person that might require the urgent medical visa, only two others will also be given these visas for guiding the patient. These would only be their blood relative and no one else. In exceptional cases, close relatives with proof could be given these types of visas.
  • The treatment needs to be carried out at an authorized treatment facility where you will have to get the approval from the government of India and not in any random clinic of your choice.

Thus, the above-given criteria’s need to be followed when you might want to get e medical visas on the same day. But for other severe cases of that might require instant medical attention, then visas on arrival are also a thing where visas are given when you reach the destination where you are destined to get your treatment carried out. Thus, for the process to even begin, there are documents that you would have to submit also to seek medical attention in another country. Al of which are as follows.

  • A valid passport from the origin country which is valid for more than six months.
  • Original and copy of passport sized photographs and passport.
  • A copy of the visa application. (this might be different based on the type of medical services and attention you require).
  • Address proof of your origin country.
  • Proof of relation with the patient. (it is mainly for the person assisting you for your medical endeavors)
  • Passport for the same as mentioned above.

Thus, medical e urgent visa for India is easy to get. Provided you have all the required documents ready at hand. Along with this, if you have some life-threatening condition, then you could travel, and the visas would be handed out when you reach your destination. It’s tough to get these kinds of visas, but only severe conditions get these types of visas. So, try to do your research well and check out what suits your needs. Based on your medical assistance, the desired visas would be provided. All the best.  

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