Which Criteria Should be Considered in the Selection of Domain Name Registration

Posted by markwahlbargg on July 5th, 2019

At the time of domain name registration, many self-employed in the net see this only as a cost factor and want to spend as little money as possible.

Good and reliable hosting is just as important to the success of your website as the website itself.

Selection criteria for domain name registrar choice:

Below we present the most important selection criteria for a hosting site.


Even if it is not the only selection criterion, the price nevertheless plays an important role.

Setup fees:

First, many domain name registrar service providers require a setup/setup fee. These should be turned over to the first 12 months and not just the monthly price.

Monthly charges:

The monthly costs should be fixed. It is easy to be deceived by offers such as "Only 1 USD in the first 6 months". If you are satisfied, you stay with a hosting company for a long time and should, therefore, calculate the normal monthly costs.

Hidden costs:

One should also pay attention to whether and if so, what additional costs there might be. A very cheap offer at first glance can quickly become expensive because additional services have to be paid separately.

The price is an important factor. One should be aware that performance costs. As with many things in life, one should be skeptical when something is extremely cheap. No one has anything to give away in the hosting sector either.

The following disadvantages are associated with bad hosting:

Failures are not uncommon in low-cost hosting: Not only is the technology of the server itself bad, but also the quality of the technology in the background, so that in the case of technical problems, e.g. There is no fallback strategy. So it is always advisable to hire the best hosting website.

Another issue is that cheap web space offers usually do not have good service.It can happen as a problem that your own website is offline for days.

All these negative consequences of bad hosting naturally have a negative effect on the image and also the ranking of your own pages.

Visitors will not think so positively about the website with slow page setup and of course with complete outages. And so they will not come back and do not recommend the site.


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