A Hosted Portal Solution: Best for your Internal Operations

Posted by CRMJetty on July 8th, 2019

The most important part of customer support is to provide all the information whenever a customer needs it. The definition of customer support has evolved over time, and it is no longer limited to traditional ideas of service and product industries. It has evolved to a great extent in all kinds of business, that are traditionally not associated with the word ‘business’, like the education industry or banking industry.

They are implementing the use of technology to achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction and in general to make operations slightly easier.

To do so, they provide a web portal to their customers to log in and see every detail regarding their interaction with said business. And even have more interactions, thereby engaging the customers without them actually having to go to a bank or a store. 

So, let’s introduce the concept of this web portal:

It is a doorway into your business exposing only the limited and necessary parts of it. You can choose to show certain elements of it that the customer can directly engage with. Now of course, when I say customer, it is not always the conventional customer. 

Students, employees, banking staff, or people who have bank accounts, want to interact with the institution on a regular basis. Here are a few common things that a portal facilitates in all of these scenarios:

-Secure access to a personal database for maintaining and updating personal details like address, emails, and phone number. 

-Ability to request items, like a test score rechecking, a new cheque book, or even an appointment, depending on what the institution is.

-View access to grades, bank balance, blood test results, etc. (again, depending on the institution).

-Other level of interaction with the CRM is by the staff of the said institution. Not all members of the staff have full access to the CRM so such a portal comes in handy in this scenario as well. Staff members can apply for leaves, check their tasks and manage their schedule, as well as respond to end users’ requests for various things.

-This portal also gives the admin users a bird’s eye view of various operations in any institutions.


These institutions have a more niche level of requirement of such a portal. They want to enable these portals in connection to their CRM, but they don’t need to publicize the login access. 

For example, an education institute need not put its student access portal on its website. Similarly, a bank’s internal portal should not be available online. This means that it does not connect to their CMS platform.

This is where a unique type of portal solution comes in: A Hosted Portal Solutions. All of its functions are the same as a portal that is hosted on the CMS, (a great example is an e-commerce store’s customer portal), but without the CMS platform, in order to keep it private.

It is a portal that is in use internally in a business or organization, rather than one shared publicly. This is why, for various reasons, the primary one being security, businesses use a hosted portal solution that does not connect to their CMS.


Other Must-Have Features in Hosted Portal Solution:

  • Secure & Scalable: Such a solution should be built keeping in mind the future customizations and requirements. And the main concern with such portals is security which should also be kept as a priority while developing such a solution.

  • Knowledge Base: You would want to have a knowledge base for your customers to get quick access to the information whenever they require.

  • Mobile Application: To make it easier for your customers, team members, students, etc. you should go with a portal solution company that can provide you with a mobile application of the portal.

Note: However, sometimes the portal domain is accessible from the website but redirects, and does not open in the domain of the website. This is most common in the case of universities.

The Right Portal Solution Provider:

If you are reading this article, it is because you are looking for a portal solution for your internal management. Any portal solution company can give you a hosted solution based on your CRM. You can simply look for hosted portal solutions company and they can help you out with your requirement.

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