Maple Story M update: Buccaneer and Marksman arrive

Posted by xiayumin on July 9th, 2019

MapleStory M, one of the many MMORPGs on mobile devices, has introduced two important new categories of updates: Buccaneer and Marksman. In addition to the arrival of the big boss, as well as a series of updates on skills and auxiliary weapons.

Two courses to get a new gaming experience
Pirates allow players to fight close combat with powerful attacks, and the shooter uses his flaws to deal with fatal damage, causing greater lethal damage in close range and greater damage in the farther rays. This expedition added a character that could eventually fight the big boss. After defeating, players can purchase the Stone of Dreams, which is usually used to make a queen suit.

This update also brings additional skills to Maplestory M Mesos make your skills more stable. However, with auxiliary weapons, players can equip two different weapons to get a devastating attack combination, which is different damage than before!

In this update, there are also some events that will make this sport more interesting for new and old players. Let's take a look at what they are.

New Explorer Burning Event: 3-75 players can get three bonus levels for each level.
New Explorer Growth Support Activities: Characters created from scratch may receive special rewards when they reach a certain level, which can help them grow.
New explorers celebrate on-time activities: Players who log in will receive unique prizes for various content (pet packages, character slot coupons, battle fee tickets, epic mysterious weapons/armor whetstones).
Turnabout event: Players can get unique rewards along with Maplestory Mobile Mesos the Turnabout event.
BBQ: Players can find delicious barbecue recipes after completing a mini cooking game to create a sensational taste.

Maple Story M is available for Android and iOS; for additional information and to download on your device, you can go to the official page.

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