When should I wear a tie and when should not?

Posted by Royal Fashion on July 17th, 2019

There is a huge (but interesting) gap between what happens on the catwalks and the manners and customs of the man on the street. Maybe it's a topic, but it keeps happening. Although almost everyone comes to mind the excesses, the odd clothes, the transparencies, and those impossible things - who will wear that? We asked when seeing a parade of that bombásticos-, the reality is that the disconnection passes through another point, much more mundane.

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We have to ask: how many ties do we see in the main collections of men? Moreover, how many costumes as we understand them -the office, the wedding, and the standard- appear as they are on the catwalks? It depends on how often you wear them. If you wear a tie four times a week, it is logical to have 5-8 models. If only on holidays - limit 3-4. It can be plain ties or with a small pattern. And do not worry if you are not ready for complex abstract prints - such ties are definitely not included in the program at least.

Precisely because of that too classic connotation, the tailor stores that have previously recovered the tie as a fashion element are an avant-garde, the riskiest. And they teach us new ways to wear them.     


With the length of all more or less clear - a tie should reach the middle of the belt buckle. If you feel that you have mastered this skill, you can try experimenting with the lower end of the tie, as street-style heroes do.    


Do you enjoy wearing a tie? A tie is a more formal piece of clothing than a shirt in itself. And if a knitted tie in Dubai is most likely to fit a classic cotton shirt, then you should not wear a silk tie with a flannel shirt. In order not to miss with a combination of colors, pick a tie a few shades darker.

A Three piece suit without a tie?

A three-piece suit without a tie (and with shirt buttons unbuttoned to the navel) is allowed to be worn only by Tom Ford and rap stars. In everyday life, it looks pretentious and rather tasteless. However, we do not dare to prohibit the inveterate playboys and inveterate secular lions - in the atmosphere of nightly revelry, such bad taste may even seem attractive. But if we are talking about a “civilian” day event, we insist on a combination of a triple with a tie bought from tailor stores.    


A French cuffed shirt is a very formal thing that implies a “complete parade” for the rest. Your best timepieces (not too massive) and a jacket, suit or unpaired, also rely on a shirt under the cufflinks. If your cufflinks have a pronounced color, then it is worth matching it with a tie in Dubai, and if it is metal, with a watch.

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