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Posted by Cuckoo Tech on July 18th, 2019

An employee attendance management system has an irreplaceable place in today’s modern, dynamic and fast-paced workplace. It may not seem to impact directly, but it actually plays a primal role in contributing to the productivity and profitability of an organization. A trustworthy employee attendance management system ensures seamless and efficient operations, leading the company towards progress and prosperity.

Here’s what your organization stands to gains by having an employee attendance management system:

1.Tracking Employee Performance

With an employee attendance management system the HR department of your organization can find out if any of the employees come late at work, leave early, take leaves without prior approval, take more leaves than they are approved of, etc. An attendance management system is an easy and accurate way to be able to compute an employee’s salary, thus eliminating any scope of overpayment and underpayment of salaries. And if yours is an organization that has employees working in shifts, it gets nearly impossible to keep precise attendance records in absence of an employee attendance system.

2.Ease of calculations

With automated calculations, payroll becomes an easier process, leaving no room for discrepancy and error.


If one knows that they are being watched, they are sure to be more disciplined and punctual. Employees regularly arriving late, leaving early, skipping work often, engaging in buddy punching and other malpractices cost the company dearly. Not only are they themselves cheating, but it may also lead to fellow employees following suit. But with an automated employee attendance management system, such things can be kept at bay. If all the employees regularly arrive at work on time, the company is sure to note an enhancement in productivity, professionalism, and commitment.

4.Eliminate manual paperwork and filing

The absence of an automated employee attendance management system calls for maintenance of manual registers and difficult excel sheets for the purpose. And they are tedious, time-consuming and irksome.

5.Quick Remote Access

Having a cloud-based attendance system means you could access the employee attendance details from anywhere, anytime, making it possible to generate reports at any point in time. Such information enhances transparency and ease of vital decision making.

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