How To Choose The Best Time Attendance Management SystemProvider?

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on September 10th, 2019

When you have to choose amongst a host of options for a Time-attendance management systems, you may feel lost on the host of offerings in the market. Each provider claims its software and devices to be superior. Below mentioned are 4 parameters to consider, that will help you in making better choice-

  • Stability of the software
  • The quality of customer support
  • The reputation of the company
  • The cost of the software

Things you should give a thought

It is but obvious for software to face glitches. The vital thing here is the frequency of such glitches. What you as a customer should look into is, how the time attendance software provider is dealing with these glitches. How quickly and satisfactorily are they able to fix these bugs? Is the process of reaching the software-provider easy, stress-free and always available? Would you have to deal with multiple levels of people in the service provider’s organization to ensure your concern is heard and attended to? This way you would end up wasting a lot of time and effort. Instead of reaping the benefits of investing in a product that helps your business, you would end up losing a lot more!

So, choose an Attendance Management System from a software provider that has expertise in the industry and is capable of handling any concerns that may come up post sales!


Today, technology is growing at an exponential pace. The scenario is such that newer companies are entering the market with newer offerings and added features every day. Organizations using out-dated software are sure to be at a loss compared to their rivals who have access to the latest technology. So, you must choose a Time Attendance Software provider who ensures that you stay updated and beneficial in the long run too.

Software providers keep coming up with new updates regularly. These updates add newer features to the existing software. Companies who have been offering regular updates show that the service provider has a healthy product lifecycle. It also reflects that the company is future-oriented and is keen on self-development. But make sure to consider how much does the software provider charges for such upgrades. They might have not very expensive software initially, but may come up with high priced updates, making the overall cost rise exceptionally.

The importance the company gives to the customer feedback

Often, while using the software on a real-time basis, you may realize what could be improved in the software, or notice that some features are not actually beneficial or required, or that some features are confusing. So, if the attendance software provider keeps an open eye for such customer feedback, and values the input they might receive from customers, they are a good choice to go with. Often, new or added product features are a result of customer feedback. Hence, it may be easy to conclude if a company isn’t very keen on collecting customer feedback, they are more motivated towards making money by current sales than towards delivering the best possible user experience.

Customer care support

Once you have purchased the software, and you have any concerns or questions, or if you are facing issues, what options is the attendance software provider giving you to reach them? Are you connected to a real person quickly or are you directed to a time-consuming IVR? So, choose a software provider who can connect you with real people, at a quicker pace, so that you could get your answers quickly and satisfactorily. 

Reputation in the market

Before committing for an Attendance Software provider, it would be wise to gather reviews about them in the market. Hit the internet or social networking platforms. Try and ask companies who are already using their software. Another aspect to consider is the number of years the service provider has been in the business. A company with a good reputation over a couple of years is sure to be a safer and wiser option to go with.

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