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Posted by sani pilani on July 22nd, 2019

“Rendering the exact change has always been trouble” speaks out my beauty parlour aunty. It sounded more like a reminder message to all the other ladies who were getting their services done while the trouble creator waved the Rs. 2000 new denomination in the air with her perfectly done French Manicure.

“Aunty get yourself a card swipe machine! It’s easy and hassle-free.” I say flinching in pain while Sunita waxes my arms! 

“It’s a long process,” she replies, while still fidgeting at the cash register.

“It isn’t! trust me.” I say with the little energy left.

Sunita waxes my arms harder this time.

She didn’t quite seem happy with my idea!

But is this not the case? We have all been in this soup sometime or the other and have at most times let go of the change.

But not anymore!

With the onset of digital India and post the demonetization phase, the use of card swipe machine at retail, shopping malls and even at the local Kirana store near us has changed the shopping trend completely. The use of the card swipe machine has led to a smoother and hassle-free transaction leaving no space for customer dissatisfaction.

Assuming a lot of us are yet unknown or new to the POS industry, let’s look at the different kind of POS machines one can land their hands upon for their store The three kind of POS machines Atom technology caters to are:


The PSTN terminals are the incomparable choice for a traditional retail setting business, where a cashier is vital and is the only checkout point. PSTN POS terminals are fixed, connected with an ethernet cable providing real-time communication of payments.

Best suited for traditional retail, fruit or vegetable vendor, etc.


GPRS or SIM-based POS terminals are simple and easy to use wireless device which allows merchants to collect payments from their customers at their doorstep. With atom’s GPRS POS machine, it is inordinately easy for any merchant to swipe debit and credit cards to accept payments from his customers.

Best suited for home delivery services, restaurants, etc.


Using our mPOS card reader (Card Swiping Machine), store owners can now securely accept credit & debit card payments from all the leading card brands – MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Rupay and Maestro.

Best suited for all businesses.

Installing a POS machine will help you achieve the following few;

  • transform in-store purchase experience purchasing
  • hassle-free transaction for both the seller and the buyer
  • sell anywhere-anytime
  • queue busting
  • no cash pilferage
  • easy inventory management
  • email receipts
  • secure payment process

With easy installation and quick onboarding of merchants, Atom Tech has the best solution for all your card swipe machine-related queries!

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