Why Go For International School Jobs?

Posted by reema sharma on July 31st, 2019

Being a part of an international school brings exciting job prospects. A career growth in international schools is much more prominent than in national schools. Following are some of the reasons why one should take up international school jobs in India and abroad.

The Reasons

  • Experience in IB Curriculum: Teaching in an IB provides an opportunity to gain experience in international baccalaureate curriculum. Although it is challenging, but the training proves to be useful as it offers a scope to teach at schools all over the world. The IB is the most sought after curriculum throughout the world because international schools offer generous training and allocates professional development budgets. So, an international school is a great place to grow as a teacher.
  • Leading a Global Life: At present, a majority of the cities in every country has an international school. You have a lot of choice regarding location, as the number of international school continues to grow. Such international school jobs allow you to lead a global life. As you have a lot of choice in lot of places, you also get to work abroad where you meet teachers from other parts of the world and also get to teach international curriculum to students from many different countries.
  • In-House Training: Workshops and in-house training is a regular feature in IB schools which are organized by the international school authorities. Besides, there are events such as the annual TTT (Teachers teaching teachers) that demonstrate the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. The new principals that are introduced in international schools come from international school teachers who are experienced.
  • After-school Activity Program: International Baccalaureate schools carry out a number of after-school activity programs. The activity programs prepare them to coach students in drama, music, sports, and other areas of special interest. Those who want to gain leadership skills for more professional development, it is best provided in international school network as compared to any other school system.
  • Ideal Conditions: Teaching in international schools offer teachers ideal conditions when it comes to the size of the class, material and curriculum support, the family backgrounds of students and the collegiality among the colleagues. The schools are like strong communities of families sharing a common interest and goals. Many of the schools develop a cultural and social life where staff members are included in all levels.
  • Salary: Although international school salaries vary widely depending on the place and the cost of living where it is located but it always pay higher salary in comparison to national schools.
  • Education Allowance: Some of the international schools provide the facility of free education for the teacher’s children. However, most of them offer a substantial discount ranging from 50% to 90% on fees.
  • World Class Facilities: International baccalaureate schools offer world-class facilities and plenty of resources which include a modern air-conditioned workplace situated amidst pleasant natural surroundings. Many IB schools provide accommodation allowance, medical insurance, bonuses lunch service, shuttle service, basement parking etc.

So now it’s time to make a decision to teach in an international baccalaureate school.

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