Uses and Applications of Power Transformers

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The adequate current supply is very much essential to carry out the operations of various electric equipment in an effective way. However, there will be ups and downs in the power voltage levels – transformers that regulate the appropriate voltage supply are prominently used. Among the many kinds of transformers, power transformers are the exceptional models that enable characteristic voltage levels. The functional significance of the power transformers has been excellent and so they have got an excellent place in a wide range of applications.

Go on through this article to know about the power transformers and their uses.

What are Power Transformers?

As you know, transformers are the electrical devices that regulate voltage levels. They increase or decrease the voltage and supply appropriate levels to the end-use. Power transformers are a special kind of transformers that enable power voltage supply from one part of the electric circuit to the other or the end equipment.

They are built strongly with superior quality raw materials. Three-phase power transformers are prominently used everywhere with liquid-immersion specifications to enable perfect insulation means. They can deal with lower and higher voltages as well – so, the transformer units should be able to bear the associated heat generated. To ensure better insulation and cooling considerations, the power transformers use oil or other lubricants.

Along with the basic primary and secondary coils, other important components of power transformers are designed and arranged perfectly. Several transformer manufacturers like Servomax Limited offer customized models of power transformers with standard manufacturing and testing processes. With such effective build-up and functioning means, they last for about 30 years without any hassles. So, pursuing the right power transformer is a one-time investment that assures long-lasting

Step-up and Step-down Power Transformers

Not all users need the same voltage levels. In some instances, it is necessary to increase the voltage levels. On the contrary, voltage levels have to be decreased for some applications. To fulfill such varying power voltage needs, step-up and step-down power transformers are used. They increase or decrease the voltage based on the customized need and application.

The primary and secondary winding coils are arranged as per the step-up or step-down design of the power transformers. In the step-up transformers, the primary winding has more turns when compared to that of the secondary winding, and the step-down transformers have vice-versa.

As said, they need to bear lower voltages and higher voltages – so, they are built with different capacities. Those that are designed with capacities from 3.15 MVA to 20 MVA are termed as small power transformers. Others with capacities up to 50 MVA are medium power transformers and those with capacities above than that are large power transformers. All of this small, medium and large power transformers have splendid applications in many places.

Let’s now know some of them.


Uses of Power Transformers

Power transformers have many uses. Have a look at some of them –

  • Power transformers provide the best voltage regulation.
  • They assure better safety means to industrial equipment.
  • They handle small and higher voltage levels of different types of equipment.
  • They help in suitable power transmission through specific voltage alterations.

Applications of Power Transformers

Power transformers have beneficial applications at power generation stations, solar and wind power plants, transmission stations, and certain industries.

Power Generation Stations

To reduce the power generation costs, generally, electricity is produced at low voltage levels. When this current has to be transmitted, to reduce current wastage and consider other losses, the high voltage or low current transmission is maintained. So, the power generation stations make use of three-phase step-up liquid-immersed power transformers to increase the voltage.

Without any changes in the other considerations, only the voltage level of the power is altered. Any power generation stations should, therefore, install reliable and effective power transformer units to avoid unnecessary damages. Otherwise, power generation costs get wasted. They, however, bear higher voltages and last longer. You need not even worry about unexpected conditions like extreme heat, temperature, and dust. With adequate maintenance, power transformers play an important role in power generation stations.

Solar Power Plants and Wind Power Plants

Like any other current-generation stations, solar and wind power plants have been developing nowadays. With the effective utilization of renewable and eco-friendly resources, solar energy and wind energy is used to produce current. In such plants, the power is collected and supplied for transmission.

Step-up power transformers are used in such plants considering the voltage store and transmission. They are specifically designed to meet the voltage issues of power plants. Constructing such power transformers is so helpful to ensure environmental safety and green-energy strategies.

Distribution Company (DISCOM) Substations

As said, high voltage is associated with the transmission lines and once they reach the customers, the power voltage should be reduced to allow proper functioning of various electric equipment. Therefore, step-down power transformers are used at the distribution company substations to enable reduced voltages for end-use. However, the capacity of these transformers will vary based on the consumers. If the consumers are simple residences and office buildings, then the capacity of the power transformers required will be lesser.



Industrial Applications

Various industrial applications need different voltage conditions to carry out routine machinery tasks. Power transformers that regulate voltage variations and conditions in industries should be able to handle even higher voltage levels. They are built-up with great efficiencies to satisfy the voltage maintenance at different industries like textile industries, garment industries, metal processing equipment, mining plants, pharmaceutical factories, etc. Therefore, the power transformers assure 100% safety to the costliest industrial equipment.

Also, many traditional electric utility companies also make use of power transformers for efficient voltage corrections and supply.

Now that you have got the best knowledge of power transformers’ uses and applications, approach the eminent transformer manufacturers like Servomax Limited and gain power-savings and safety.  

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