Lowering the Risk of Genetic Birth Defects

Posted by surrogacyagencykenya on August 13th, 2019

Everyone wants a healthy pregnancy that doesn’t require much risk. Many couples face frustration due to infertility and birth defects. Although artificial pregnancy is exactly possible for women, we could not bear birth defects. Miscarriages and birth defects in early pregnancy are the major thing that we should consider. So, just go through the article to know some tips that reduce the risk of birth defects.

• Seek medical attention from your health care provider

The main goal of this medical exam is to make sure that you are fit, healthy, and strong enough to get a baby to this world. So, you should get some tests done before trying to conceive a child. Moreover, you should consult others for doing good exercises, healthy diet, etc. Make sure that you include light yoga daily for a week. If you find any discomfort, just seek your health care provider to get the best possible health advice from them.

• Know your genetic risk factors

Women with genetic risk factors can have a risk of giving a baby with birth defects. So, seek your health care provider to get some recommendation for diagnostic testing, screening, etc.

• Take your prenatal vitamin

You should take a prenatal vitamin and folic acid supplements. Make sure that you take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. A folic acid is a form of B vitamin, which helps you maintain the diet. Vitamin B prevents any neural tube defects that happen during pregnancy. Just take folic acid at least one to two month before pregnancy.

• Use medication wisely

Before trying to conceive, use medication wisely. Don't stop including medicine that is prescribed for you without even talking to the health care provider. Also, don't accept all the advice from a non-medical person. Make sure that you follow each medication and diet properly.

• Add vitamin drugs

Check with the health care provider before taking any new medicine.  Some of the drugs include vitamins, allergy remedies, herbal products, laxatives, pain relievers, and other skin treatments. Never stop taking a medicine that is prescribed for you.

• Avoid Alcohol

Not just lung cancer, alcohol can cause several pregnancy-related diseases. Using alcohol during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects and hearing impacts. So, pregnant women must avoid drinking alcohol to prevent miscarriage.

• Prevent infections

Infections can cause major birth defects such as German measles, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, etc. so, try to include strict steps to prevent infections.

• Get your immunizations

When you are trying to conceive, don’t forget about the immunization. It is essential for a healthy pregnancy. So, get your immunization before pregnancy.

• Stay in a safe environment

Not just diet and medications, you should consider living in a harmless environment as well.  Exposure to heavy toxic metals can lead to birth defects. So, stay away from toxic metals such as mercury, lead, radiation, etc..

If you are in the process of TTC, make sure that you follow the above tips to reduce the miscarriage and birth defects in your pregnancy.

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