Everything RPO’s Need to Know About AI Recruiting

Posted by Recruitment Smart on August 19th, 2019

Everything RPO’s Need to Know About AI Recruiting

The HR has been on the cusp of a major disruption, on the wake of new HR technology innovations. The recruitment process has moved from a decision model based on historical data towards data-driven decision making. An effective hire hinges on the effective utilization of HR technology solution to pick the best fit from a large set of the application pool. The involvement of AI in the recruitment process has expedited the recruitment lifecycle by reducing the candidate sourcing cycle time by around 40–80% and allowing HR professionals to strategize candidate engagement policies.

AI is paving way for smarter, efficient and data-driven recruitment without which the companies will continue to fall behind and eventually become uncompetitive. AI adoption has added value in the way HR data is analyzed and consumed, making it necessary to have an experienced team of HR professionals who understand core technology along with the processes. RPO leads the way in this regard as they are uniquely positioned to assist companies through these changes.

The RPO need to understand the importance of a robust RPO model which is easily adaptable to talent acquisition strategy developments and the demands of high-quality recruitment requirements. The demand of the ever-growing scope of services ranging from advisory, employer branding to talent acquisition requires full capabilities of AI’s based automation technology to improve gross profitability.

With the talent market becoming more competitive there is more focus on employees wants than need. The RPO will have to leverage AI’s capability to create value propositions and long-term solutions for talent acquisition. AI creates a level playing field as it reduces the bias in the recruitment process by creating data points and patterns using algorithms which increases the chances of hiring the right fit for the job.

In the world of diversity, AI consolidates the viewpoint of unbiased hiring. AI-powered automated video interview analytical tool rates the prospective employee’s body language, tone modulation, and facial contours to make an unbiased assessment. The recruitment mindset of RPO’s has to evolve accordingly, along the lines of AI’s “action to insight” data than data riddled with human bias and its idiosyncrasy.

RPO’s, in order to consume new sources of data, would need AI recruiting tools that are tailor-built to support the complex business model and co-innovation. The recruitment industry is changing and so are the ways to decipher and analyze data. RPO’s need to innovate in order to thrive and meet client expectations and candidate satisfaction.

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