10 things you should have on your study table and why?

Posted by amrina alshaikh on August 22nd, 2019

A study table is your personal space where you could organise and set-up your homework, study materials, stationery and other miscellaneous things. Here is a list of the 10 things that you should definitely bear in mind for getting some of the best study table design ideas.

A storage space - A desk with a storage space will cater in implementing your study table design ideas. A table without storage is of no use as it cannot accommodate all things on its top and you cannot assemble your things underneath the table. Therefore, a storage space is vital for your study table.

Light lamps – Many of us have the habit of studying at night and at the same time we do not wish to disturb our parents for it. At that time these lamps will come to our rescue.

A pivot chair – A comfortable seat is what enhances our mind in engaging with our books. It is very tiring and distracting if you have to continuously change your position while studying due to back aches and neck aches and that is why a comfortable chair is a much needed asset for your study table.

Desktop organiser – Try to fit in an all-in-one desktop organiser that can hold all your miscellaneous stuff like scissors, glues, pens and rulers. It gives you an additional space that is often preoccupied with scattered stationery items.

Magnetic bamboo board – Adding this to your study table design ideas will help you to pin your to-do-list, reminders, daily schedules, and important notices like time-table for your exams, daily routine and syllabus. It can also be hung on the wall adjacent to your study table.

Colourful Highlighters – In a way, it does the work of a bookmark and lets you keep track of what is important and what all you have read.

Wall-organiser – If unfortunately, your table does not have proper storage facilities then you could opt for the wall-organiser which lets you keep your items in its slots.

A file cart – It is required to organise and store your assignment files in order. It can be easily drawn under the table and is also ideal for keeping smaller items.

A calendar –It is needed for you to get hold of the things that needs to be done and keep track of days and dates.

Cork map – This is just a little creative thing that you can add to your study table design ideas to pin the places you have been or wish to visit.

You can draw help by giving a thought to the various study table design ideas that are shared with you in this article or you can also bring up your creativity in organising your study space that will enrich your mood for studying and could accommodate all your stuff near at hand for your convenience.

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