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Posted by IRS Tax Debt Solutions on August 26th, 2019

As a working individual, if you have not paid the income tax to the internal revenue service (IRS) before the return filing deadline then you will be charged with a huge penalty by the department. It may take away your peace of mind and may put you in trouble so whether you are running a business or a salaried person; it is your responsibility to pay the tax on time to avoid any tax debt. In the case of non-payment, the tax officials have rights to seal your business, freeze your bank account, and may also take legal action against you. However, non-filing of tax may cause due to several financial reasons but if you want to align the payment system to prevent any distress then you can opt for IRS tax debt help to pay your tax debt through the right channel.

• In the case of non-payment or delay for paying the tax amount, you should need to find the right solution to deal with the situation. As a tax defaulter, you can get assistance from the internal revenue service department of USA as it offers several programs that provide online support to the individuals for paying their dues online. You can find numerous websites that are regulated and monitored by the IRS to get rid of your liabilities by filing the return even after the deadline and can get a clean chit from the income tax department.

• You can find and upload the installment agreement form through the IRS tax debt help website by self to use it for paying your debt. It is the most common and easy way to pay off the existing liability with easy monthly payments. It is a straightforward way to clear the tax amount that you have not paid to the government as you can use it like an EMI program. You can enter the tax amount and the penalty imposed by the department to know the amount of monthly payment that you need to pay in order to pay the tax debt. You can choose the period of 36 to 72 months as per the amount of debt and can get clearance from the department on paying the full amount. Paying the debt in monthly installments will not put a financial burden on you and will also prevent you from the legal action by the IRS.

• Through the online service by the internal revenue service, you can also opt for the offer-in compromise program as a tax defaulter. It is a rewarding program if you are eligible to qualify as you can make a compromise with the tax officials on the payment of tax debt that you have to pay. However, it is a long and tiring procedure so you should consult with a professional tax consultant or chartered accountant to determine the prospects of this program or to know whether you qualify for this or not. You can even check online to read all the terms and conditions to use this program for tax debt.  

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