Use IRS Payment Plan Form for Pending Tax Payout.

Posted by IRS Tax Debt Solutions on August 26th, 2019

If the internal revenue service (IRS) has sent you a notice to pay your tax debt then you have to pay the amount instantly to prevent any legal action by the department. However, for a convenient payout, the tax department has offered a monthly payment plan which allows the defaulters to pay the debt in easy monthly installments to the IRS. So, if you are not in the strong financial condition and cannot pay the full amount of tax debt, penalties, and interest, etc. then you can choose an installment agreement program. You can enroll for this program by simply downloading the IRS payment plan form online and can fill it with easy steps. You can use form 9465 for this purpose and can file it with the income tax division to start the monthly payment plan.

• You can use this form to pay the debt under the streamlined payment agreement that will allow you to take a longer period of 72 months to clear your debt. For example, if you have a tax payout of 50000 dollars and you want to pay it in the easy monthly installments then you can choose the streamlined agreements by downloading the form 9465 and fill it to submit the IRS department. Online submission of the form is necessary to get approved for the installment payment plan by the tax authority. However, your request will automatically get approved if your tax debt is not more than 10000 dollars but for more than this amount you need to fill the form with specific details.

• In the event of having more than 50000 dollars tax debt; you have to fill the form completely and need to submit it to the tax branch with original signatures. If you are not capable to fill the form by self then you can get the assistance of a professional to fill the form on your behalf. As a taxpayer, you are also required to download and fill the form 433-F if the amount of tax debt is more than 50000 dollars. It is an important IRS payment plan form that is used to obtain the current financial conditions by the internal revenue service department to determine how you can settle an outstanding tax liability.

• For setting up an installment plan to pay the tax debt, the IRS department will also charge a fee for the transactions. However, the amount will depend on the payment method you choose but it will range from 31 to 225 dollars. Upon getting approval by the department for the monthly installment plan, you can choose the mode of payment through sending a personal check, money order, or debit monthly payment from your bank account, etc. One thing is important to remember for you that it is compulsory to make the payment each month on the specific date that has mentioned in the installment agreement. In the event of non-payment, the penalty will be charged by IRS from you so be careful while paying the tax debt through a payment plan.

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