Storing tyres that are currently not in use

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Many drivers in the United Kingdom have multiple tyres. It can be due to the diversity of weather conditions or it can be due to car enthusiasm. There are places where you will require winter tyres in winters and summer tyres in summers, for this reason, you might own multiple pairs of tyres. Or you might be a car enthusiast and you have diverse driving requirements based on different situations. Whatever the case might be, you will require a place for storing your tyres. Another point being, one needs to be aware of how the tyres need to be stored.

4x4 Tyres Newark is made from a rubber compound. It is a mix of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, chemicals, and carbon black. Not storing them properly can cause unusual wear. It is to note that a tyre cannot be used after 10 years of its manufacturing. This is the case irrespective of whether the tyre has been used or not. Also, another point that drivers need to focus on is that most tyres wear more badly while in storage in comparison to when they are being driven. This is when they have not been stored properly. This article elaborates on how to store tyres that are currently not in use.

Storage of dismounted tyres

To start with, please note that tyres are not meant to be stored for extensive periods of time. Generally, storing a tyre for several months in imperfect conditions will inflict severe damage on the tyre. So now, how should the place be where the tyres need to be stored? The first factor you need to look at is that the room should not be exposed to sunlight. It is because of the corrosive effect of ozone on rubber. The low temperature also plays a role. Another important factor is that the air should be able to circulate freely around the room. We advise you to store your tyres in a basement or a workshop. A garage or attic is not an ideal place for storing tyres because there is a risk of drastic temperature variations.

One important point to remember is that tyres should always be kept in an upright position. This would prevent any type of deformation and make it easier for you to mount them on wheels. Make it a point to never hang tyres or stack them in piles. Also, if you keep tyres with raised white markings together, then the white markings should be in contact to prevent black rubber rubbing off on white. You can even keep the tyres separately in a gardening plastic bag. However, before you do that, make sure that you squeeze out as much air as possible so that there is limited exposure to dust and moisture.

Remember that tyres which come with an air chamber must be deflated by up to half before storing them. Lastly, make sure that you carefully check the inside of the tyre mounting as moisture can damage the metallic parts of the tyre. The debris might block the air valve.


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