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Posted by farnsfield auto centre on November 10th, 2020

Failing these tests could result in a great amount of disappointment. It may not be the desired outcome; however, one should know the options available in case of failing the MOT. Working upon these alternatives would help you get your car back on the road quickly and legally. In case of failing an MOT, a retest is desired, post fulfilling the criteria because of which you failed in the first place.

In case you failed an MOT Ripley test, the next steps would be as follows:

  1. The centre would issue an MOT Test Certificate mentioning its refusal. This certificate would have the details of your car and the test number. It would also cite the reasons for failing the test. This certificate needs to be kept safely, as you would be required to present it during the retest.
  1. Post this you should take a retest, once you feel your car and you are prepared enough. For this, you should address the issues raised during the first time (as mentioned in the certificate) and make your car undergo all kinds of repairs as desired. Amongst many MOT retest options, you also have an opportunity of saving your money by not paying any additional fee for testing the second time around.
  1. You need to find a repair facility that helps you fix all the issues causing the failure. In case the repairs have been done within a period of 10 working days, then there is an option of getting a partial retest conducted for the issues listed in the MOT Ripley.
  1. There is a possibility of getting your car repaired first and then getting it again to the original centre to conduct a partial MOT retest.
  1. In case, you get your car repaired at some other facility, then also you can bring the car back for testing at the original centre within 10 days from the first cycle of the test. Under such circumstances, the retest fee would be half of the initial total cost of the MOT test paid. If you bring your car back post 10 working days, the full amount would be charged for testing.
  1. If you feel that your test was unfair, you can appeal and challenge the decision. During this time of the appeal, be sure of not to get your car serviced, modified or repaired, as this would lead to the cancellation of the appeal process.
  1. For the above step, you would be required to fill out a ‘Complaint about an MOT’ form and share it with DVSA within 14 days of the initial test. This results in you getting an appointment to have your car retested in five days. However, you would still be required to pay the full MOT fee and get a partial or full refund, only if your appeal was correct or approved.

Failing an MOT test makes it illegal for you to drive the car. This is purely for safety purposes and helps prevent any incident to occur on the road.

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