Use Attic Vent Fans to Help Keep Your Upstairs Level Cool

Posted by aihw on September 7th, 2019

Did you know that a well-ventilated attic could help cut down your cooling cost by almost 30%?

An attic vent fan can also assist in increasing the life of your home roof, as it cools down the shingles.

The soaring mercury levels during sultry summer months in Atlanta can turn your home into a hot oven. The temperatures in your attic could reach a stifling 100+ degrees and that may put an additional burden on you with higher electric bills. By asking an electrical contractor in Atlanta to install an attic vent fan in your home, you would not only lower the overall temperature in your home, but you would also protect the other structures of your house, such as roof sheeting and framing.

Strategically placed attic vent fans could lower down the temperature of your home in minutes. These fans can help in circulate the cool air inside the house during mornings and evenings, i.e. when the temperature is low.

The circulation assists in pushing warm air outside and brings cool air in, which lowers the internal temperature of the house. Therefore, a lesser burden is put on your air conditioning unit for cooling the home, which translates into more energy as well as money savings.

Besides enjoying good savings on your electricity bills, a well-ventilated attic is able to lower the temperature in your home in less time as compared to an air conditioner. This is because an attic fan quickly pulls cold air from an open window and then quickly circulates it through the entire home.

If you want to see a further dip in your electricity bills, you can even opt for solar powered fans. Atlanta Electrical contractors can attached these solar fans to your existing attic vent, or they could be used along with solar panels that will be mounted remotely. Solar fan blades have a power coated finish that helps them withstand harsh climatic conditions, thereby increasing their life.

How to select a proper fan for your attic

A right size fan is a must if you want to bring down your cooling costs. The fan that should be installed should have a minimum 1500 CFM rating. An attic vent fan should be ideally installed on the gable wall, and a vent should be installed on the opposite wall. The fan can also be installed on the roof of the attic. Select a fan with automatic thermostat control that will start the fan when the temperature inside the attic rises to 90 degrees. To ensure that the fan works effectively, ensure that the vent is completely sealed using a duct board, plywood, aluminum, etc.

Hire an Atlanta electrician to install a fan in the attic and keep your entire home cool by using less electricity.

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