How Sales Automation Software Benefits Start-ups?

Posted by Pravin Roy on September 13th, 2019

Who doesn’t want to increase the sales of his/ her organization? In a world full of competition, it becomes extremely hard for new start-ups to make their brand visible. Most of the times they get confused about how to streamline their marketing and sales process to generate higher revenues. The market is full of sales automation software providers, marketing automation services and contact database providers. Any start-up faces a hard time to choose the most appropriate sales automation software that can boost their business growth.

If you are a start-up too and want to boost the ROI of your business, you need to analyze the efficiency of your sales process. As per the random study, sales reps spend more than a fifth of their time on non-sales-related tasks, while working on core sales activities is down more than 25% over the past five years. In such scenarios, sales automation software is proving time over time to provide a single solution to freeing up valuable selling time and creating more of a hands-off approach to your sales process.

Sales automation software streamlines the collection, analysis, and distribution of data in a sales pipeline. Initially, sales automation software was focused on streamlining tedious but unavoidable daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Sales automation software is designed in a manner that is efficient enough to reduce manual and repetitive work that enhances efficiency. Sales automation helps your sales team to focus their time more on the core sale activities that are more likely to close deals into a customer. It enables your sales team to collect vital information and intelligent insights about prospects, therefore increasing the effectiveness of sales efforts.

Sales automation software has become increasingly intelligent. It now harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics to provide data-driven insights. These insights are in the form of real-time reports which help your sales team create more qualified leads, establish better relationships, personalize their approach, and develop a better understanding of customers’ needs.

Sales automation works as a unified portal for multiple sales teams where they can work together, store contacts, schedule meetings, and important follow-ups. These appointment schedulers and follow-up reminders help your team to never miss out on any opportunity. This software is highly customizable so your sales team can create a sales funnel as per their needs and segregate that funnel based on interactions made with leads. As the lead progresses towards being a customer, your sales team can move that lead in a funnel accordingly.

Another factor that any start-up should consider is using the right contact database that can mobilize their sales efforts. Your sales automation software fetches good results if an accurate contact database gets integrated with your sales automation software. Always keep in mind that great revenues get generated through an accurate contact database. A sales team is only as good as the contact database it works with. An accurate contact database not only enhances sales however it also enhances your database marketing. The quality database allows your sales team to prospect in a better manner and close deals swiftly.  It helps you to identify your ideal customers anywhere in the world and helps you to reach out when they’re most likely to buy.

If you want to be consistent in sales, competitive in your industry and wish to grow your sales team’s abilities at scale then automation is an inevitable part of your sales process. Combine your contact database with sales automation and fuel the sales growth of your organization.

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