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Posted by Anand on September 18th, 2019

Chemistry is the field of science concerned with the structure, properties, and composition of particle, as well as the changes that a particle undergoes during chemical reactions. With the given division of marks to some of the key topics in 12th, it is important that you are completely thorough with the Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions. The "P-block elements" carry 8 marks while "Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids" carry 6 marks. The chapter concerned with Solutions, Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics is each for 5 marks. The most difficult to memorize of the lot - D and F block elements is for 5 marks, while the chapter Haloalkanes and Haloarenes are worth 4 marks. It is only important that you plan your study schedule accordingly in order to check what exactly is required to improve in the concepts you studied. If you feel you are not good at Chemistry, start early by reading your NCERT book as soon as possible. Do make sure to start attending classes and laboratory lectures. Try to perform each and every laboratory experiment. For instance, you might not remember Le Chatelier’s principle of equilibrium for reversible reactions, but if you perform the experiment, and see things happen, chances are, you will remember it for longer durations. When you finish, do take the sample papers provided by CBSE in a timed environment to check your progress with Extramarks sample papers. Try and grasp the concepts and always ask questions which will be answered by Extramarks. Make a list of unanswered questions and ask to discuss them with your mentor provided by Extramarks Achieve. Do not ignore numerical problems and practice all the questions you want with Extramarks exercise schedule. Most of the times, the problems are a direct application of the formulae in use, and, at times are mixed with your understanding of a topic and it helps to find the gaps you need to understand. The numerical problems, if mastered are a good way to score marks and Extramarks lets you practice all the numerical from NCERT. Find the solutions to all the NCERT text questions with Extramarks. Download the Extramarks app to gain access to Chemistry Class 12 NCERT Solutions and complete all your syllabus to delve deeper into the subject and help you in acing the subject with boards and entrances altogether. Extramarks is your helping hand for all that you need to know in your learning process according to your needs of individual education.

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