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What’s up with Whatsapp or without Whatsapp?

There is nothing in today’s world that doesn’t work without the whatsapp feature. School Reunion?
Let’s WHATSAPP. Want a creative at 1 at midnight for your social media? Let’s WHATSAPP. Ohh, that person got hit by a car, let’s make a video and WHATSAPP!

Although there are pros and cons to everything that exists around us, we cannot ignore the innumerable benefits and uncountable whatsapp features it has to offer. Using whatsapp these days has become a piece of cake for most of the people but what they are not aware of is, the Whatsapp Business app, an app plighted to work and feel just like the usual Whatsapp app, only the whatsapp business features are built with keeping small business owners in mind.

Don’t worry, Godspeeds is here to perfect your knowledge on the Whatsapp business features and up your game in the market. Let’s have a look at certain unknown whatsapp business features to market your brand in the right manner.

    1. Let’s talk business!

Brand strategist and marketers, in their search for an innovative strategic plan often ignores the benefits of whatsapp features for their business. Whatsapp corporate account can come as one of the most accountable mediums to market a brand, all you have to do is- create a business account on the whatsapp business app, fill in the contact details and address for your customers or clients and start with your instant whatsapp marketing by being in direct touch with your target audience.

    1. Make it quick, make it smart!

The whatsapp business feature of smart messaging tools enables the brand to save and reuse a message that you have frequently used to make it quick for the company as well as the customer in order to have a better and an instant approach towards the brand under the tool ‘’Quick Replies’’.
It also enables a brand to create and send an automated message when they are unable to respond to certain query or message. This can be done under the tool ‘’Automated Messages’’.

    1. Message read/unread!

In the whatsapp corporate app, there is a whatsapp business feature where the brands can keep a track of their message activity. A brand can easily track simple message metrics that they send to their customers or clients. The number of messages delivered, number of messages received and number of messages read by their target audience. Chill time Interns, there’s whatsapp business feature now!


    1. The Power of Web

The web that is always spread on our desktop at office, yes- Whatsapp Web, another whatsapp update that can serve as a great tool to market your brand. Whatsapp web is not just meant to gossip with our friends when we are in office without our boss noticing but can also be used as a great thread to tie the brands with their customer base, target audience and clients. Whatsapp business app opened on your desktop or laptop makes it easier and accessible for business especially those dealing in direct customer service.


    1. Take the Non-traditional way

With all said and done, we cannot ignore the fact that whatsapp marketing can be a little twisted as collecting data and messaging to clients can sometimes cause havoc. So, what brands, while using whatsapp business app, can also adopt is the ‘’Non-traditional way’’ of releasing a campaign and reaching out to the audience.
For Instance- Absolut Vodka, started a whatsapp campaign where they made up an imaginary bouncer Sven and asked people to convince him to give the tickets for an event they were hosting, on whatsapp. As a result, they received more than 600 messages on whatsapp.


A wild mind and a sharp eye coupled with the feature updates of whatsapp business app can take a brand to a new high! The area of focus here is to follow the right target audience, the right research on whatsapp updates, strategizing creative and innovative campaigns with the right benefits to offer.

Whatsapp feature being the most used app by people, all brands, brand strategists, marketers should start playing with whatsapp features to promote and market their brand through a creative and innovative whatsapp plan!

Because what’s actually up without whatsapp, right?

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