Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Posted by ortegalaw on September 20th, 2019

If you're charged with a driving offense—like DUI or driving on a suspended license—a drug offense, or murder, you need to call one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Anne Arundel County. Whether your right to drive to work or your freedom from incarceration is at stake, you need a good defense attorney on your side from the beginning.


When you're arrested, you have certain rights. You have the right to remain silent; you don't have to talk to the police. If you're being questioned by police and don't feel you can leave, ask for a lawyer. Once you request a lawyer, the interrogation must stop until your attorney arrives. The police officer wants you to confess and will pressure you into making a statement. You need an attorney by your side during police questioning.

Plea Bargain

If the state's case is strong, a plea bargain may be in your best interest. A skilled defense attorney may be able to get you a lighter sentence or reach an agreement for probation and no jail time. However, a plea bargain may not be the best course. An attorney will examine all possible defenses. For example, if you're charged with a DUI and the police didn't have a reasonable basis to stop your car, an attorney can get all of the evidence gathered at the stop thrown out.


At trial, the state must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A defense attorney will investigate your case, present witnesses, and challenge the state's evidence. Skillful cross-examination can highlight weaknesses in the state's case. A good attorney can make a persuasive argument to the jury.


Whether negotiating with the prosecutor during plea bargaining or presenting a persuasive argument to the judge, a defense attorney will get the shortest sentence possible. If you're granted probation, the defense attorney will negotiate or argue for reasonable conditions of probation. If you're charged with violating probation, your attorney will be there to protect your interests.


Your attorney can appeal a conviction. If the judge admitted illegally obtained evidence or made other erroneous rulings, you may get a new trial. On appeal, your attorney may argue that the prosecutor engaged in misconduct or that a biased juror heard the case.

From the beginning of your ordeal to the end, one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Anne Arundel County will make sure you get the best representation possible. Even small offenses can tarnish your reputation and impact the rest of your life. Hire a good attorney to protect your rights.

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