What are the traits of the Australian White Sheep Breed?

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The Australian white sheep breed was developed with the help of a stud operation namely Highveld International, Baringa, and, Tattykeel. Although the experiment has taken nine years, the white sheep breed is resulted to fill the gap in the market that no other imported or local breed is able to fill.

The main focus while producing a unique Australia shedding sheep breed is to quickly produce large framed, heavy lamb carcasses that have strong legs and a breed that doesn't experience foot rot.

The white sheep is suited to Australian conditions and fulfill the market demand. While talking about meat the white sheep further produces heavy weighty, hardy, large framed lamps that reach slaughtering very easily that is why it is the best import Livestock into Vietnam. The trait of the white sheep include:

  • Great walkability i.e. coupled with strong mothering abilities.
  • The high degree of vigor in lambs.
  • High reproductive capabilities.

The white sheep is made up of specific proportions of Van Rooy, Australian Dorper sheep, Poll Dorset, and Texel blood. These all specific proportions thus, making it an ideal breed. The white sheep have an open breeding season, have an overall hair pattern and have good shedding ability.

Today Australian White breeders continue with the original method of controlled upgrading from the four original source breeds. It will ensure that the new blood will continually be introduced to the breed, maintaining genetic vigor, and evading too close inbreeding.

The Australian White Sheep Vietnam grow a longer hair coat according to the weather and shed it off naturally in the spring without affecting its body temperature.

How must does it cost to Import Livestock into Vietnam?

The cost to Import Livestock into Vietnam will depend upon the size, weight, part of the country from where you want to import the breed. The other factor includes the quality of the breed which further includes(age, sex and more).

While importing is easy but exporting is not as the exporters of the white sheep have to check all the legalities and make sure that the livestock is free from the disease. They have to submit all the documents to the authorities in order to import the sheep and the sheep must have their own passport.

If you are thinking to buy a sheep, then you must look upon all the history of the livestock as you must know your requirements. As sheep for milk production and meat sheep are different and vary in price.

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