Five Steps To Kick Start Your Will Power

Posted by Joseph Franks on September 30th, 2019

A growing body of evidence shows that willpower and self-control are indispensable for a happy and successful life. Especially, after marriage, both parties need to show a great deal of self-control towards each other annoying habits. If they lose control, soon their marriage will turn into a litigated divorce, followed by family law issues. Hence, for a successful marriage, it is must maintain self-control, and try to resolve the issues through communication. Undeniably, communication is the key to every successful relationship. Let us have a look at the five efficient and effective tips that can help you in boosting your will power, which resultantly leaves a positive impact on your relationship.   

Do Not Keep Yourself in a constant state of willpower Exhaustion

 Exercise is a great way to build muscle. However, it is not wise to spend half an hour lifting weights just before helping a friend move his furniture because you are tired, and will not do a good job. Neither will you spend hours daily doing exercises without any recovery time. The same truth holds for willpower. If you do not use your willpower wisely, you will exhaust yourself before the real work begins. Therefore, wisely exercising self-control is a great way to build willpower, and take proper rest. It will give your body its due time to heal from the injuries it sustained in the exercises.

Build good habits; you will need them!

Fortunately, knowledge is power. To overcome stress, one needs to build good habits, as it will prove as a buffer in the face of stress. Therefore, anything that offsets the fight-or-flight response will do the trick. Therefore, start responding to mild stressors with healthier choices that include visualizing calm scenes, listening to calming music, or moderate exercise—whatever works in your best interest. You can also opt comedy videos as well as surprise gifts. According to the researchers, inducing a good mood overcomes willpower-depletion effects. Hence, the more you strengthen your good habits, the more likely they will be there to rescue you encounter a major stressor

Use your imagination

 Improving willpower requires imagination that is a powerful technique. Our body often gives similar responses to imagined situations as it responds to experienced ones. For instance, if you imagine lying on a peaceful beach and listening to the waves gently lapping the shore your body will respond by relaxing. If instead, you imagine being late for an important conference, your body will give you a tense response. Precisely, you can use this technique to your advantage in building willpower.

Divert Your Attention!

 Have you ever used your imagination to keep unwanted thoughts at bay? Try to pose for yourself this task by not thinking about the problem deliberately, and think of something calm and good. Train yourself to think about something else. Every time that unwanted thought tries to break into your consciousness, think about something pleasant instead. It will put you in the driver’s seat of your thoughts.

One-step at a time

 Oftentimes people give up not because they lack willpower, but because they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the goal, they need to accomplish. However, a good way to deal with this feeling of overwhelm is to break the goal down into manageable pieces. After that, line them up in a sequence that guarantees success.

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