How can an invisible or ghost mannequin help the online clothing business?

Posted by Michel Marino on October 2nd, 2019

How can an invisible or ghost mannequin help the online clothing business?

In a report by CNN business news, it is evident that not all photos on e-commerce sites are convincing to buyers and potential buyers. The report, however, made an enormous distinction between poorly edited photos from professional edited mannequin photos — especially when selling clothes. The cloths business is arguably the most competitive form of e-business due to many players and accessibility of online platforms by many vendors. 

Ghost mannequins are ideal in creating consistency in the clothes business

In the world of business, marketing, consistency is essential. Customers expect the same (or similar) website outlook every time they visit your eCommerce page. In an ideal world, maintaining a consistent look is expensive and, in most cases, impossible. However, the “ghost mannequin approach” is a game-changer for several reasons.

How does ghost mannequin create a consistent website look?

Editing is technical, but it allows one to save editing routine or develop a unique editing approach for future edits. Working with a professional editing company is ideal in the sense that it is possible to create and maintain a look. It is, therefore, easy for customers to identify your clothes in a saturated market.

Second, with a professional image editing firm, it is possible also to have specific image sizes for your clothes business. Most editing companies have information that is important in creating a consistent looking on your eCommerce page. In other cases, however, you may require different image sizes for a better look and page consistency.

Does it (page consistency) create trust from customers?

Yes, it does.

Marketing pundits associates trust — from the customer — with many things. One of these factors is a consistent page. If the images look the same (or similar), there is a higher chance that the customer will buy more clothes from a website. On the other hand, if the page is inconsistent – in terms of pictures and picture quality — the customer may look for other alternatives. 

Ghost mannequin is ideal in boosting sales

The primary reason for starting a clothing business is to make better returns through sales. Unfortunately, the business is saturated with many businesses and many offers. As a business owner, however, you have a chance of making high sales a reality. One of the best — and the least expensive — ways of boosting your sales is improving the image quality through ghost mannequin.

The scope of increasing sales through ghost mannequin

As the name suggests, the technique makes clothes’ photos standout. Pundits believe that visible and attractive photos help in sales, especially in the fashion world. Therefore, the main goal of using this technique is to ensure that your shop stands out from the rest.

Do you need a professional editing firm for this service?


Although there are different tutorials on DIY, a professional approach is unmatched. As a business owner, you are assured of the following services. First, working with an editing firm is the best way to get HD images. Second, depending on your website, it is possible to create customized results. Customization of the edited images is critical even for SEO rankings.

Finally, working with a professional editing firm is the best way to get advice on different factors. For example, a professional firm works with a vendor in identifying which color combinations are ideal — and which are not compatible. This approach helps in creating a convincing sales page. Compared To DIY methods, it is correct to say that working with a professional company is ideal and value for money. 

Ghost mannequins are ideal in establishing digital footprints

One time sales are important for any business, but consistency is the backbone of any business. This fact explains the reason why major companies in the clothes and fashion industries are consistently investing in long term projects. One of the areas that are critical in establishing this dominance in the fashion world is having consistent images, both in color and image quality. 

How do ghost mannequins help in establishing digital footprints? 

Major brands such as Addidas and Nike are synonymous with unique pictures and designs. It is easy to tell which advert is Nike’s and which belong to Addidas. The same happens to other companies in the clothes industry. 

A unique collection of advertising photos help in creating a niche for yourself. Pundits point out that the ability to be unique in a saturated market works for companies that unique approaches to marketing. If your goal is to create a consistent market and a good market image, ghost mannequins are ideal for you.

Should you hire a professional in order to have a unique digital footprint in the online clothing industry? 

The answer is YES! 

There is a vast difference between professional ghost mannequins and DIY invisible mannequins. Experts point out that the distinction between the two types of creating marketing images includes editing consistency and more importantly, the quality of the final pictures. 

Things to do before, during and after commissioning a company to create ghost mannequin images 

First, it is vital to do your homework as an online clothing business owner. Although there is a general perception that the market is uniform, you must understand which business imagery approach works best. For example, if your primary target market is the male demography, the colors and ghost mannequin pictures should reflect the market reality.

Second, it is vital to talk to your editing firm on what you expect and if they have any professional advise. In most cases, professionals have a better understanding of which market models have the potential and which are not ideal. Utilizing this opening is ideal for your clothing business. 

Thirdly, ensure that after the final edits, you go through the final images and have a discussion with the editing firm. Ask the right questions, and by asking questions, you learn a lot. If you are unsatisfied, it is advisable to ask for edits on some images. If the work is on par with the brief, you can post them and continue with your business. 


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