Types Of Staircases That Guarantees You Durability

Posted by steelstairsandgates on October 3rd, 2019

A staircase is not only used for functional purposes, but also it provides a very strong and powerful architectural design for your interiors and porch. The different staircase has a different rhythm, grace, pattern, and shape. It is always good to find a manufacturer who provides different designs for your staircase. After which you can ask the builder to fit it perfectly for you.

Along with designs and structure that you need to see is its durability. It’s very important to have a strong and firm structure or staircase which is safe to use. You should also choose good quality material while the staircase is built to make it stronger.

5 Staircases That Suit Your Needs Right

Following are five staircases that are classy and elegant in look and which also durable and strong are as follows:

  • Glass and Stainless Steel Stairs: Stainless and Glass staircase provide several reasons for you to choose it. It is a combination of a durable and strong structure which also provides a modern look yet remaining simple. This is a versatile design that can adapt to any location.
  • Galvanised Staircase: A staircase that is galvanised offers a solution to outdoors that is low maintenance, long-lasting, and budget-friendly. The process of galvanization includes covering up all the elements of stairs with molten zinc. This becomes armour for the stairs that protects it from the sea-salty air, precipitation and other such harsh elements and makes it capable for lifetime use.
  • Painted Staircase: Painted staircases are quite inexpensive. It is an easy way to renovate your old stairs. This provides great support to your wood stairs and keeps them in good condition for lifelong making them durable and strong.
  • Stairs That Are Powder Coated: Powder coating on the metalssticknicely because of the spraying equipment which creates an electrostatic charge. This helps the particles of pigment stick to the material. After the process of baking, the chemical bond on the surface prevents it more from wear and tear than any other coating. Therefore the powder coating staircase is better than coating.
  • Fire Escape Staircase: Fire escape stairs are very important. They are usually built out of the building through which you can exit in case of emergency. As because they are built outside, the top quality coating is done to prevent it from the harsh weather and to keep it strong.

So if you are building your new home or renovating your house to make it look new, you can choose to have the beautiful designer staircase, which is durable as well. Contact Steel Stairs and Gates LTD, as they provide the best quality staircases. They take care of your needs and adapt your houses with awestruck designed staircase.

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