Belly fat cat is not good

Posted by Napat Wongpudee on October 7th, 2019

But do you know that your maintenance Khun Chao Miao For the cute round fat Is dangerous for him because when his weight increases beyond normal Will have a risk of Occurring various diseases These are quite easy.

1. Diabetes. Diabetes often occurs in cats. With an increase in the level of high blood sugar A survey found that the cat is heavy. Or having a fat belly With the rate of increase of level Blood sugar up to 2-4 times higher than normal.

2. Liver disease. Normally, the liver is responsible for storing fat. Therefore, when you Meow has more weight. The amount of fat that accumulates in the liver will also increase, which has a high risk of developing hepatitis. Efficiency in The bile production of the liver will be less. Resulting in being very dangerous to cats Cats will start to eat less. Abnormal weight loss and other abnormal symptoms as well. 3. Rheumatoid arthritis The cat is heavy. Or obese people have a higher risk of disability due to rheumatoid arthritis. The cat is normal. Due to various joints Of the cat must support the weight that is higher No matter while walking Or while the cat jumps down from a high place, so the chances of breaking Or slippage of joints will increase

4. Skin diseases (dry skin, flaky, acne) have found that the fat cat Will clean his own hair less due to the larger, bulky body Therefore making licking to clean that body Unable to thoroughly Which causes problems of skin diseases more easily

5. Increasing difficulty in surgery and anesthesia Veterinarians will usually be extra careful. When anesthesia and Perform surgery for the big, fat, fat cat สาระแมว Many types of doping are less effective when bind to fat.

Therefore, in various animals With a lot of weight, will need to spend anesthesia time Longer than normal to cause animals to lose feeling Due to doping Will be excreted through the skin along with the fat all the time and the fat that is abundant in different tissues is also a major obstacle to looking And grab various organs as well

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