Light Bulbs: Know the Different Types

Posted by Nimitha on October 11th, 2019


In earliest times, the man obtained light from various resource like sunlight, candle, lamp etc. In 1879 Thomas Alva Edison invented incandescent Lights bulbs. In incandescent light, an electric current passed through the filament inside the bulb and heating the filament when it glows and produces light. The working of the incandescent light bulb based on the principles of incandescence. Every incandescent light bulbs made up of tungsten filament because of the tungsten’s high melting point. The tungsten filament inside the incandescent light bulb can reach a temperature as high as 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass covering in the incandescent light bulb prevents oxygen from the air reaching the hot tungsten filament. 

Sometimes glass covering is filled with an inert gas like nitrogen and argon inert gases also called noble gases, it does not react to other chemicals and conditions they are protecting the filament from evaporating when heated. Average Lifespan of an incandescent light bulb is at least 1000 hours which varies based on the bulb. Incandescent light bulbs are not energy efficient only 10% of electrical power is used to produce light and the other 90% is emitted as heat. Average Lifespan of incandescent light bulb may 1000 hours and also the energy consumption will be high when compared to CFL and LED.

Advantages of Incandescent Light bulbs  

  • It is less expensive.
  • It generates a high light output.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is available in different shape, size, and application.

Disadvantages of Incandescent Light bulbs

  • High energy consumption.
  • It has very short lifespan i.e. about 1000 hours typically
  • High operating cost.
  • It produces a large amount of heat.

Compact Fluorescent Light vs. Incandescent Light Bulb

Incandescent light bulb not only generates light but also a lot of heat. Incandescent light bulb use three to five times more power to produce the same amount of light intensity when compared to CFL. In other terms, by replacing an incandescent light bulb with CFL we can save money. CFL reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. Another main feature of Compact Fluorescent light is its lifespan its lasts seven to fourteen times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Compact Fluorescent light is temperature-dependent. There are different models for outdoor and indoor use, make sure that you buy the right one. One of the important element used in Compact fluorescent light is mercury it is very dangerous for both environment and human begins, so we need very care after breaking compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Light Emitting Diode vs. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

The primary difference between LED and CFL is its lifespan, compared to CFL Led have more life. The size of the Led bulbs usually smaller than the CFL.CFL bulbs produce heat when compared to LED. CFL produce 80% of their energy as heat. LED bulbs are light up immediately, like an incandescent light bulb but CFL needs few minutes to heat up and reach full brightness. LED does not contain any toxic material like mercury and all. Some models of Led can be used with a dimmer switch. LEDs are available in soft, warm, bright white hues. 

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