Can Astrology Manage My Love Affairs?

Posted by Astroyogi on October 16th, 2019

Love is the most beautiful feeling that one can ever experience in this life. When a mutual understanding is developed between two people, they tend to fall in love sooner or later. Many times, a lasting friendship creates the bond of eternal love over the years spent together. A moment comes in our life when we realize that this is the person with whom we wish to spend our entire lifetime. But have we really found the right partner? One must consult an astrologer before finalizing any decision on the delicate topic of love.

We face a lot of problems while choosing the right partner. In today’s world, we are surrounded by people who are selfish and double-faced and do not hesitate before breaking someone’s heart and destroying their perspective on love for a lifetime. Trusting someone blindly may not fetch the desired results because nowadays it has become almost impossible to find true love so easily. But some of the astrologers can help you get united to the soul that is rightfully made for you!

Many a time, people feel that their relationships stop working all of a sudden. They often wonder about the fact that their quarrels have increased in number and they are slowly developing feelings of frustration and detachment towards each other. If you are suffering from such a situation then you must take the help of an astrologer in Chandigarh because if you do not sort out the obstacles that hinder the smooth functioning of your love life, then sooner or later it would result in a bitter breakup. 

According to astrology, every event in a person’s life is directly related to the position of a planet in a particular house. The planetary movements reflect the impact that a ruling planet would have on a relationship and can also tell us about the future of one’s love life as well. The astrologers would study the natal chart of a person and determine the compatibility of the couple based upon certain astrological calculations.

The most important house that represents love life in the horoscope chart of a person is the fifth house. The fifth house and its ruling planet indicate when you will be falling in love and displays the intensity of romance that would develop between you and your partner. The eleventh house and the planet that rules it denotes the success of a relationship and the happiness that it would bring along. Also, this house tells about the development of a budding relationship between two people.

Apart from the planets ruling the fifth and the eleventh house, there are two specific planets that are highly responsible for upturns and downturns of your love life - Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the planet that represents romance and sexual intimacy between individuals while Jupiter is the planet that is responsible for keeping a relationship stable by maintaining a continuous flow of true love.

The other planets also have a lasting impact on your love and relationships and by studying the horoscope chart of a person, the astrologers can suggest remedies for the planets that are bound to create problems in the fulfilment of your relationship. For instance, if your Venus is not in an appropriate position then it would ensure that the relationship does not get initiated. You must be having good connections with the opposite sex but it would not result in a relationship at all.  If the sun is not in a favourable position then it would make your ego a barrier to the relationship. You will feel trapped and suffocated in the relationship and will end the relationship sooner or later to get some space of your own. Similarly, the other planets can damage your love life if they are in an unfriendly position in your birth chart.

The remedies suggested by the best astrologers in Chandigarh can help you calm down the planets and assist you in bringing them in a position that would prove to be favourable for the betterment of your love relationships. The beneficial planets can even enliven a broken relationship and reignite the love between two people while the malefic planets can ruin a happy and successful relationship. Therefore, the planetary movements play a vital role in determining the success of your love life and an astrologer can actually help you in managing your love affairs.

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