I think Jagex could agree with OSRS gold that

Posted by limmzhou on October 18th, 2019

I think Jagex could agree with OSRS gold that. These are people encouraging them selves and also enjoying the game, not fucking 15 year olds operating 15 bots at once. I try to stay objective in all cases for me , this supersedes the rules of an online game but morality requires over. Exceptions should not be produced but I say Jagex ought to"forget" them for lack of a better word.

I really like your vids man. In an objective sense this is ok. As a 1st world participant (o play Runescape3 bc I don't beg na start over) it sucks. But hey man, If I have to try somewhat more so that some other guy can consume, then thats cool with me.

That being said, there's a possibility that the game becomes ruoned bc of it at this speed its a throw up if jagex will euin their owm match or when farmers will.id preferably have somebody on the account training and performing all kinda of things like these servies other then bots or jsut gold famrers crashing things cuz atleast then they are people playing and training the account legit and assisting their loved ones just playing the game for someone not rwt kind but thats just me and I dont get it done or condone breaking the can u buy gold on runescape mobile runes but prefer this afterward bots and normal gold farmers.

The advantage in the Venezuelans playing Runescape looks much greater resources coming into the match at a rate that is higher and the incovience of green has been packed. I mean it is like botting just that it assists hundreds if not thousands of people to get by and make a better life for themselves and clearly there are people from first world countries which also benefit from having the ability to perform the high-level content they enjoy without grinding for hours on end, possibly wasting their lives away and ending up as a NEET.

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