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Posted by Herman Miller Furniture on October 23rd, 2019

Sitting in front of your computer for a long time can affect your posture. People who spend long hours sitting on their desks realize that their postures—along with their health is getting hampered. That’s one of the reasons ergonomic chairs online are very popular these days. These well-designed posture correction seats take better care of your spinal health and your postures. 
Why should you invest in an ergonomic chair, though? Well, unlike a conventional chair, an ergonomic chair has adjustable parts to enhance maximum comfort while you are seated on it. Suiting a wide range of users, its purpose is to provide the right kind of support for a person’s posture, weight, and lumbar region (lumbar here refers to the torso’s abdominal segment). 
There are some things you need to consider before purchasing ergonomic chairs in India. Check out these factors to help you’re with your purchase:
• Adjustable seat height – Make sure that the seat can be lengthened or shortened to suit the dimensions of your body.
• Adjustable seat slide – This particular feature allows you to adjust the depth of your seat so that your legs can settle comfortably to support blood flow.
• Adjustable back rest height – This will allow you to adjust the height of the back rest to achieve optimal support for your back. As much as possible, the distance between the edge of the seat and the legs is between one to three inches.
• Adjustable back angle – This feature lets you turn the back of your chair until you get to a comfortable angle or position.
• Adjustable arm support – Ergonomic chairs online have arm supports with adjustable height and width allowing the arms to pivot; thus, you are more comfortable while typing.
• Casters made of quality materials – The casters supporting the chair must be made of sturdy materials so these will not easily break when you roll the chair.
• Tension knob to control back tilt – This is important so you can adjust the pressure you need to roll the chair to and fro. 
• Adjustable headrest – This is not a deal breaker, but a headrest can prevent you from getting a stiff neck. Hence, if the chair has a headrest, it should be adjustable.
Have a better working experience and improved overall health with an ergonomic chair.
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