How to Get Dried Slime Out of Carpet: 9 Steps

Posted by snicholas538 on October 24th, 2019

Slime is a semifluid material, composed of the cross-linked polymer, which is completely unique. The originality of this material has made it become and remain very popular, as well as constantly finding new ways to get users. There is controversy over whether it is liquid or solid, and this points to its strangeness. However, it has been categorized into so-called Non-newtonian fluids. The main secret of the substance is its viscosity.

Although slime is a fun and cool product, it is not great when it sticks on your carpet. There are several ways you can remove dried slime from your carpet or a rug, depending on what you have handy. It only takes a little time and a few simple steps towards carpet restoration to its original state.

Howsoever it may sound, you really need to know what you’re dealing with, if you want success to get rid of it. taking into account the technology of production and advancement there are many seemingly the same but by composition different slimes. You never know what ingredient will make that your carpet remains permanently damaged, or dirty.

Tools Required for Cleaning

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Clean cloth
  3. Paper towels
  4. A thin knife
  5. Spoon
  6. Rubbing brush
  7. Gloves

Step By Step Cleaning Process

Step 1: Removing The Slime

  • Firstly, scape away the carpet dried slime. If there is a giant blob of slime on your carpet, you should remove as much of it as possible. Scoop the excess away with a spoon or scrape it off with a knife, working from the outside to the centre.
  • Next with the help of your vacuum cleaner, remove the slime so that you can get to the carpet slime stain. Vacuum the area in several directions to suck up as much of the dried slime as possible. You can use an upright vacuum or a handheld variety. Ensure that the slime is dry before vacuuming so you do not clog up the vacuum.
  • Choose the carpet cleaning solution accordingly Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, goo remover, citrus solvent, and WD-40 can all be used to remove slime and stains from carpet. Choose whatever you have on hand, or pick up the product of your choice from your local hardware store or superstore.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals and the dye in the slime. Be sure to test the solution on an inconspicuous spot before treating the stain.

Step 2: Treating The Stain

  • Apply the chosen cleaning solution for carpet stain removal. Rubbing alcohol, distilled white vinegar, and WD-40 can be poured or sprayed directly on the carpet as they won’t harm the carpet backing. Be sure to saturate the entire area. However, if you are using citrus solvent or goo remover, pour the product on a towel and press it into the carpet. Use just enough product to wet the slime and stain. This keeps the product from soaking through and dissolving the carpet backing.
  • Allow the solution to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important to allow the cleaning solution to soften dried slime and penetrate the fibres for carpet colour removal.
  • Wipe off the slime and carpet slime stain with an old towel. After 10 to 15 minutes, use an old kitchen towel or paper towel to wipe away the slime and the stain. You shouldn’t even need to do much scrubbing. Toss the towel out when you are done. If your removing stubborn stains from the carpet, repeat the process.
  • Now rinse the area of carpet stain with hot water. Wet an old towel with hot water and wring out the excess. Blot the carpet with the towel to remove the cleaning solution and any remaining slime from the carpet.
  • Remove the excess amount of liquid present and allow the carpet to dry. Press a dry towel into the carpet to soak up as much liquid as you can. Then, allow the area to air dry completely.

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