Nursing Programs: History And Present

Posted by aniket vichare on November 4th, 2019

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the Healthcare Sector and they are seeing a steady increase in their demand from all areas of society. Huge advances in the Healthcare Sector have shot the average global lifespan upwards along with chronic diseases and hence nurses are a hot commodity right now.

The Different Nursing Programs

It was in 1860, that one of the most prominent nurses of all time, Florence Nightingale set up one of the first registered Nursing Schools to train Nurses. At the present day various notable notable Institutions across the globe that are offering various Nursing Programs for aspiring RNs(Registered Nurses). One of the main educational programs for Nursing is the BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It requires a minimum of a 10+2 certificate and the respective written test and interview(s) of each institution.

It has a duration of 4years(depending on the institution) and it also holds high respect in the Healthcare Sector with BSN graduates trusted with bigger responsibilities and supervisory roles in comparison with other Nurses. Another of these programs is the Associate Degree in Nursing or the ADN which is generally a three-year course which combines both Liberal Arts with Nursing-specific teachings. Often students pursuing this program try to work as a trainee in different medical facilities and the program offers them the chance to get into entry-level Nursing Programs. Lastly you can also get certified as a Licensed Practical Nurse, which is generally a one-year program, but the only downside is just this certificate limits the scope of work that one can get.

Job Opportunities related to Nursing Programs

One of the biggest reasons for the high demand of nurses in the present day is that as a result of these various programs, candidates who have pursued these programs, can function as an Anaesthetist, or a Midwife or even a Clinical Nursing Specialist(practices which only physicians were allowed to perform previously) at a far lower cost. This allows them to have a wider range of avenues to choose from and also a higher demand. Having had serious education in the field, these graduates can also get into Research Laboratories to learn about various diseases and test new medication while working in Close proximity with scientists, researchers, patients, etc. Hospitals and Nursing Homes are maybe the obvious choice(s) for employment after these programs but the in-depth education received allows for jobs in the Education industry also. (Nurse Educators). The ideal job in an administrative role but with less patient care would be of course the Physician's Office(s).

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