"World of Warcraft" new world PvP honor system will be available soon

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on November 5th, 2019

"World of Warcraft" new world PvP honor system will be available soon

In the middle of this month, the PvP honor system will be officially open to players. Players can update the game experience to the latest version to bring you the best feeling. When the new system is pushed, the factional battles in World of Warcraft Classic will become even more glorious. Well, it's actually not glorious, but it will bring more rewards, such as getting more bonuses, rewards, or rare items at the end. According to the information on the Blizzard Carnival, you can know that the official game team revealed a lot of valuable news to the players. And said that the new honor system will come with several new BOSS. When the words came out, the players cheered. Especially for those who have reached level 60, the upgrade has lost their interest, they just want to challenge the more difficult levels and bosses.

When Blizzard first released World of Warcraft, PvP is a completely free game mode, limited only by the type of server you choose. There is no reward for killing the members of the other camp, of course there will be no punishment. At best, it is just to satisfy the killing feelings of the players. As the game is updated, the honor system slowly begins to appear to the public. If you defeat a player of the same level as you, the system will determine some points for you; if your combat skills are not as good as you, it will not give you a score; if you kill a very important npc in the other camp, such as Harmless shopkeepers and task publishers, it will give you a negative score. In other words, it encourages you to fight alongside your comrades. Find combat skills in time and again. Rather than letting you become a spoiler to endanger public order. MMOWTS can help players get a lot of World of Warcraft coins. Come and buy it!

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The current honor system is not perfect, so Blizzard will modify the current system. But you can't deny the fun that this system brings to you. And it's a way to encourage players to get rewards. Not only can it help players get extra progress at the end of the game, but they also foster a tacit understanding between the players' own combat abilities and their companions (especially because those who achieve high levels of armor are cool).

Having said that, this update will benefit world-class bosses such as Azuregos and Lord Kazzak. So we can all expect someone to figure out how to entice them to re-enter the main city.

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