Draenei and the dwarven racial talent

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 17th, 2020

Race introduction

A terrible big blast ripped Kalimdor's sky. The giant spaceship Exodar descended from the sky and crashed on the land of Azeroth. The noble Draenei relied on the spaceship Exodar to escape the broken outer area and found a safe harbor. The Alliance's heroic fight against the Burning Legion moved the Draenei. They decided to join the Alliance and regain their broken home.

Paying tribute to life, the Draenei who believe in the Holy Light intend to convene warriors against the Burning Legion and stop their terrible burning expedition. Although they could only rely on courage and firm faith in the Holy Light to arm themselves, the Draenei still looked forward to finding allies and guiding them to their fate beyond the sky of Azeroth.


Gem Cutting-Increases passive skill by 5 points. Blessing-Active 1.5 second cast time-40 yard effective range-3 minutes cooldown to heal the target, restore a total of 50 health in 15 seconds.

The amount of healing increases with the caster's spell power or the amount of WOW Classic Gold For Sale. This ability does not lose cast time when taken. Heroic Aura-Passive Increases your strength, agility, and intelligence by 78 (level 120). Shadow Resistance-Passive Reduces your chance to be hit by shadow spells by 2%.


Race introduction

Dwarves are an ancient race. These energetic and somewhat archaic races have always lived under the snow-capped mountains of Kazmodan. Dwarves have long been human beings' most loyal allies, and they have a special hobby for fighting and storytelling. In the past, dwarves have rarely left the defensive sturdy castle.

However, when the horn of war is blown, they will show unparalleled courage and fighting spirit, fighting to defend their friends and allies. According to recent archaeological reports on the origin of dwarves, the race of dwarves has changed significantly since its birth. According to this discovery report, the dwarf was created by the almighty Titan using stones while the world was still in its cradle stage. As a professional World of Warcraft gold supplier, MMOWTS can provide players with many cheap World of Warcraft gold, and there are multiple trading methods for players to choose from.


Stone Statue Form-Active Cooldown: After 3 minutes of activation, it is immune to bleeding, poison and disease effects, increasing armor by 10. Lasts 8 seconds. Firearm Specialization-Passive Increases the critical strike chance of firearms by 1%. Hammer Weapon Specialization-Passive Requires one-handed hammer, two-handed hammer, and two-handed hammer to improve accuracy by 5. Frost Resistance-Passive Reduces your chance to be hit by frost spells by 2%. Find Treasure-Passive Activates to show the location of the treasure chest on the mini-map. Cancel until cancelled. No cooldown.

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