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Tips to Improve Accounting at Your Hotel with a Cloud Based PMS

Posted by mycloudhospitality on November 6th, 2019

A Hotel operator simply cannot ignore hotel accounting when it comes to hotel management. The significance of hotel accounting software can be effectively recognized when a hotel needs to comprehend accurate numbers for a specific period and to comply with legal requirements.

When most of the accommodation properties use basic excel spreadsheet program to maintain and share accounting information of their hotel property. However these days with an advancement in technology, It is essential a hotel operator to streamline his business with hotel management system and accounting software

In the accommodation business, there is a lot that an account manager needs to supervise. His activity isn't constrained to deriving the figure of income and profit.

Here are some of the focused activities that a revenue manager needs to overlook on providing their services:

  • Get exact month end account statements
  • Plan month to month, and yearly budgets
  • Getting important financial statements and balance sheet report for the period.
  • Manage Payroll
  • Prepare periodic cash flow statement

Data got from the records are pertinent for a hotel operator so he may translate the financial strength of his business. These numbers will likewise help him in making different quality assessments, for example, 'how his hotel are valued in contrast with the competitors, or 'how has the hotel earned in the present month when compared with the earlier month', and all the more such questions.

While this data may have expended a lot of time, had it been sourced manually, automated hotel software permits abridging of these numbers in a brief span and that as well, at the same time abstaining from making blunders.

Let understand the Hotel Accounting System first

Hotel accounting system is a subset of the before system of manual preparation of records. What generally included checking the record of each transaction, condensing the information, making significant additions, subtractions and the sky is the limit from there, has now developed to incorporate the utilization of information and technology devices to accomplish pretty much similar goals.

With the utilization of hotel accounting software, it has become possible to access information documents whenever, keep up state-of-the-art information documents and save time and effort during the time spent of compiling the accounting records. Staff would now be able to cooperate as a team and accomplish beyond what they could have at first showed. Extensively, uniting the current hotel accounting system with an advanced accounting software has numerous advantages for the hotel, its owners, and its staff by and large.

Advantages of incorporating Hotel Accounting System with Cloud hotel PMS software

Here are some of the significant benefits that will collect to the hotel owner and staff by integrating their hotel accounting software with a cloud hotel PMS:

Using a cloud PMS based hotel accounting software has the advantage of making the job of generating invoices, maintaining account statements, producing payslips, producing revenue statements and more, easier than can be imagined. Even routine jobs have been easily automated which has helped in eliminating the problem of manual errors. One can achieve greater accuracy in the work performed by him when the data is entered correctly and processed faster than ever before.

1. Accomplishing automation and accuracy

Utilizing a cloud PMS based hotel accounting software has the benefit of making the activity of generating invoices, keeping up account statements, delivering payslips, delivering revenue statements and more, simpler than can be envisioned. Indeed, even routine jobs have been effectively automated which has helped in dispensing with the problem of manual mistakes. One can accomplish more prominent accuracy in the work performed by him when the information is entered accurately and prepared quicker than ever before.

2. Give simple access from anyplace

The information which is transferred on a cloud PMS can be accessed from any point and anyplace when required. Thus, accounting data stays available from any device, regardless of what your location might be.

3. Get data progressively

As the whole information is accessible at one place, a user can get all the related data whenever and check the most cutting-edge figures of the information looked for by him. Along these lines, information like accounts receivable, cash and bank balance can be found out effectively.

4. Easy to utilize

The procedure engaged with entering information and recovering reports is very simple. Thus, a user with basic knowledge of utilizing PC and software can easily extract the applicable reports and present it at any hour. Besides, information storage is never an issue as there is adequate storage accessible with a cloud PMS.

5. Expanded speed and productivity

When compared with the manual system, a cloud PMS incorporated with hotel accounting software can show quicker results and help in conquering mistakes.

These days, there are numerous ways by which hotel owners can keep up the security of cloud-based resources. This helps a hotel owner in performing different errands which were hard to perform prior with a manual system. Hence, it can be rightly said that integrating a cloud hotel Management system with hotel accounting software has many advantages. Schedule a 30 minutes free demo with mycloud hospitality experts and try our comprehensive cloud based hotel management system.

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