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How to Use a Hotel PMS to Create a Personalized Experience to Your Guests
In today’s digital age, a Hotel’s personalization is the key to deliver a successful guest experience. A survey by Customer experience index (CEI) explains that 86% of the customers are ready to pay 140% more in order to get a better service and experience.Unfortunately, small hotel operators can feel left out of the discussion, believing that ...
guest experience, hotel pms, guest profiles, successful guest, hotel, guests, guest - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 1 Year Ago

How a Hotel Software Can Help You Manage Your Online Negative Reviews
Many hotel operators fear negative reviews, anyway its important use a hotel software to manage negative reviews effectively, they can really make a positive impression among your existing and potential customers.When your accommodation property receives the awful negative online review it doesn't imply that your property and service is really horrendous. ...
negative reviews, positive reviews, hotel software, significant feedback, reviews, negative, review - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 1 Year Ago

What is a Hotel Key Performance Indicator and Why You Should Measure a KPI
Hotel Key Performance Indicator is the value that can be estimated and which gives you a chance to set a standard to quantify the success rate of your accommodation business regarding how it is faring in the market. KPI in accommodation industry is likewise used to see whether or not you are progressing to meet the objectives.Like any other business, even ...
hotel operators, hotel key, occupied rooms, hotel software, rooms, reports, property - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 1 Year Ago

Five Ways to Increase Productivity in Housekeeping using a hotel PMS software
Housekeeping is one of the most responsible hotel departments for keeping a hotel guest happy. They are accountable for cleaning and organising rooms and can enormously affect the brand image of your accommodation property.No guest appreciates an untidy room, malfunctioning devices in your accommodation property, especially after a daylong travel.To guar...
hotel management, management software, housekeeping team, automated hotel, housekeeping, hotel, software - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 1 Year Ago

Tips to Improve Accounting at Your Hotel with a Cloud Based PMS
A Hotel operator simply cannot ignore hotel accounting when it comes to hotel management. The significance of hotel accounting software can be effectively recognized when a hotel needs to comprehend accurate numbers for a specific period and to comply with legal requirements.When most of the accommodation properties use basic excel spreadsheet program to m...
hotel accounting, accounting software, hotel management, cloud pms, system, software, hotel - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 1 Year Ago

How To Deal And Avoid Overbooking At Your Hotel?
The goal of every hotel operator is to run their hotel operations efficiently and to get tons of happy and returning guests. But in reality, every hotel face difficulties such as overbooking and each hotel operator will try to avoid it. It leads to loss of guest dissatisfaction and a bad hotel reputation. Here is how a hotel software can help you to avoid is...
hotel software, hotel operator, hotel management, management software, software, overbooking, hotel - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 1 Year Ago

Importance of Digital and Human Factor in Enhancing the Customer Experience
Despite the fact, digitalization is used in ubiquitous ways to automate all areas of operation and is expected to change our life standard to a different level; still the human interaction continues to be the primary factor in enhancing the customer experience.According to US Consumer report, more than 6–10 about 65% value “staff interaction&rd...
customer experience, human factor, digital factors, digital pos, human, experience, customer - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 2 Years Ago

How to Use Big Data to Increase Hotel Revenues and Guest Loyalty
In the recent years, guests have changed a lot and every one of them checks-in with their own expectations. Meeting those expectations is the key to getting guests to return. Today many hospitality businesses cater to millions of travelers every day and hotel operators are turning to advanced analytics provided by hotel software to convert complex data into ...
big data, data analytics, social media, prescriptive analytics, hotel, data, big - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 2 Years Ago

The Importance and Benefits of Hotel Artificial Intelligence Software
The hospitality business is driven by client requests. In spite of the fact that the customer’s preferences and expectations vary, the all inclusive goals to multiple distinctive inclinations is the reduction of their endeavors. At the end of the day, hotel artificial intelligence can assist businesses with meeting client expectations and guarantee tha...
direct bookings, artificial intelligence, hotel booking, hotel automation, software, hotel, direct - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 2 Years Ago

What?Will Be The Future of Hotel Technology?
Most of the emerging technology in hospitality that is getting developed and available in market is focused on a few significant things like simplifying processes, making everyday tasks simpler and automated, integrating multiple third party products on a single platform as one single integrated system, etc.In spite of the fact that many people have their ...
hotel pms, hotel technology, hotel management, smart phones, hotel, guests, technology - Posted by mycloudhospitality - Posted 2 Years Ago

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