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Buying a light bulb is not as simple as it once was. There are now more options than ever for consumers to choose from. The emergence of low-energy bulbs has been a real boon for those who are looking for an opportunity to reduce their electricity. Purchasing a light bulb used to be a simple case of finding the right light bulb for the socket we have; now it is a much more complex decision. However, just because there are lots of options to discover does not mean that finding the right bulb has to be difficult. Here are some of the most important considerations to bear in mind when choosing a new light bulb. LED lights are fast replacing incandescent and fluorescent lights in almost every area, whether in residential or in commercial or industrial establishments, due to higher energy savings, more illumination and other benefits.

Here are some important factors that we should look at while trying to choose LED lights.


Less energy is consumed by LED lights than standard incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. This shows that with reduced wattage, LEDs offer much more amount of light. For example, an incandescent bulb with 60 watts equals an LED bulb with just 12.5 watts. Wattage is the most important thing to consider which can save a high amount of energy consumption and electricity bills. We can choose a bulb with a wattage that satisfies our requirements.


It is important to understand the lumens first. For comparing LED light bulbs to traditional bulbs – like halogens and incandescent lights, a standard unit, the lumen is used. A measure of the amount of brightness is a lumen. The quality is more important, while the number of lumens is essential. A vital factor to consider is the lumen/Watt or luminous efficacy. The high-quality LEDs today come with a luminous efficacy that is between 60 and 70 lumens per watt. A proper decision about the necessary brightness or luminosity of our bulbs should be taken.

Guarantee In Hours

LEDs are of 2 types.  One of them is offered with a guarantee, were sellers using their own signature while writing the purchase date. We can easily obtain a replacement in case of any issue. The other type comes minus any guarantee. It is important not to choose an LED light that comes without a guarantee.

Colour Temperature

The specific shade of light emitted by a lamp is directly related to the colour temperature. Bulbs will report the colour temperature of the light that they produce, measured in Kelvin (K). Lower Kelvin values refer to the warmer lights (anything below 3000K is in the low range). Bulbs with an o/p over 3500 Kelvin give off a cooler light, which emphasizes green and blue. The light within the temperature range of 3500 Kelvin – 6500 Kelvin is referred to as daylight. The output of "daylight" bulbs is similar to daylight. We should try out the different types of bulbs. Different temperatures work better in different rooms, choosing the right light bulb can be a minefield.


Check whether the light comes with proper heat capacity. Make sure that the light does not generate a lot of heat. Although LED bulbs are specifically designed to produce a lower amount of heat, you should check whether the ones that you choose generate much less heat and can last for more time. Find out whether these are offered with dimming capabilities as well, and can be top choices for mood / softer lighting, hallways, main bedroom or just about anywhere.

Base Type

LED bulbs come with two types of bases – Pin Plug & Typical Plug. Choose the type that matches the type of purpose we want to use the LED light for.


A very important factor to consider is the quality of light. We should always purchase from dealers who are reputed and respected. Look for LED Lights that come with superior components and chips. Look for lights that are FCC authorized.

Look for the Lighting Facts Label

The Lighting Facts Label will tell us all the important specifications of the light bulb we are looking at. It is required to be printed on the box of light bulbs. There will be an energy star label on the most energy-efficient types of bulbs like CFLs and LEDs. 

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