Madden 20:Focus on the development of franchise mode

Posted by Cadencealida on November 12th, 2019

The Ultimate Team helped EA make a lot of money, thanks to micro-transactions, This micro-transaction allows cash to flow to EA's wallet long after the major sports franchise is issued. If the player needs the Ultimate Team Card, then they need to spend MUT 20 Coins to buy.

The Madden players who love to form a team haven't seen real fresh content for years. There are some minor adjustments to the way players progress, but in general, the franchise model is the same, no matter how many suggestive clues are launched on Reddit. Last week's server maintenance issue severely weakened the Connected License Mode (CFM), in which players can join the same league and compete directly with each other for the Super Bowl. However, EA has shut down their franchise for nearly two weeks, and because of the lack of clarity or updates, the community feels unwelcome and unreasonable again.

At least in the public, EA has very carefully resolved the confusion for the players over the past two weeks. There have been some public statements, but no apologies. EA seems to be lacking in interest, which makes some of Madden's most loyal players angry. Given the rapid launch of new cards on the MUT, the speed of the challenge and the season, and the excellent server stability of the game, it's not hard to see what EA's Madden team prioritizes, and speculate that the franchise model players may just be experiencing the painful beginning.

Madden 20 originally intended to rejoin the franchise model this year, but the changes are superficial. In the following, it is still the old mode that players are used to, and the MUT can see endless updates and even have a new Superstar KO mode. From a financial perspective, Madden's franchise model has nothing to gain, and the Ultimate Team has greatly increased its recent revenue. In the game, players need to Buy MUT coins in cash to unlock these player cards, and players are not tired of it.

As the next generation of consoles gets closer, we are unlikely to see any major changes in Madden 21, but as EA's microtransaction business model further controls game resources, the Madden 21 franchise model or at least CFM may be completely Was abandoned.

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