Essential Tips for Leather Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Posted by Sunny Hills Chem-Dry on November 12th, 2019

If given with absolute care, leather can survive better than human beings as it has a prolonged life span. Exposure to direct sunlight is highly perilous for leather, as it snatches its shine and makes it go cracked. Vacuuming and dry cleaning of leather would help in lifting the accumulation of dirt and dust but stain treatment is still a question.

To wash off the stains, one can use leather conditioner, microfiber cloths, mild dish soap, and baking soda, etc. for leather cleaning. Make sure it’s a light rub or it will impact the leather quality. Try to apply water in less quantity as leather is porous and absorbs liquid quickly. Whether it’s during cleaning or immediately after the spill, extracting the surplus of dirty water should be quick action.

  • While cleaning you leather upholstery, don’t forget to refer to tags or user manual to use the right process and product as per the suggestions.
  • Avoid using solutions containing ammonia, as it will fade the color of the leather.
  • Try using mild and human-friendly soaps or solutions. Before applying any solution on the whole, give it a patch test on the hidden part of the leather. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to extract the dirt.
  • Rubbing it hard may bring scratches to leather, so keep it light. Regular cleaning and rubbing allow the fabric to breathe. Rub it in a circular motion; back and forth rubbing may create scratch marks.
  • To upkeep the softness of the leather, apply a good quality conditioner over it at least twice a year. This prevents drying of leather, which impedes it from further cracking.
  • Using oils that contain silicon or wax may stick to the surface and hence should be avoided.
  • Water should not be left for long; it weakens the quality of leather.

The multi-step process for upholstery cleaning includes inspection, pre-vacuum, pre-spray, hand shampoo, hot water extraction, towel dry and vacuuming, etc. Other than upholstery cleaning, regular cleaning of area rugs is an important chunk of rug cleaning. Area rugs and especially carpet is an important floor addition which should not be missed. Carpets bear all from dust, dirt, and allergens which not only render a filthy appearance but also cause health risks this poses the need for green carpet cleaning. To clean these rugs, using a solution that fabric allows should be the priority. This eventually contributes to its longer survival.

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