6 Tips to Boost Productivity in Your Company

Posted by Sylvia on November 12th, 2019

The greatest asset in every business is the employees. This is especially true for companies that are still struggling to win a fraction of the market.

So what do you do to boost the productivity of your employees?

Here are a few tips;

1. Efficiency is Key

Be present in the daily activities of your business, including the well-being of your employees. Monitor how they prioritize their tasks. Do they consider the long term and short term goals on their to-do-list?

You can ask employees to write down how they go through their day and what they could do or need to become even more productive.

You may find out that something as simple as a microwave in the office to heat their lunch, could increase their after-lunch hours.

2. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! 

If you are the boss and you spend hours doing everything, your firm is likely to lag behind. Observe your employees and give some of the responsibilities to individuals who show qualities of leadership.

This will help you focus on other crucial factors of growing the firm.

Most importantly, delegating duties to employees shows them that you trust them. Trust means they are good at a certain task, which encourages them to give their best.

3.      Provide Your Employees with the Right Tools

There is nothing that lowers the productivity of a firm than a lack of tools. A lot of time is wasted doing one thing. One of the annoying things is waiting in the printer room for 10 minutes.

Invest in tools that fasten how tasks are handled in the office. This will help your employees do more in a short time.

4. Invest in Your Employees

As I mentioned earlier, the workforce is your greatest asset. This is why you need to spend on making them better.

There are multiple ways to approach this. For instance, you can invest in a gamification program that motivates employees to get results.

It could be as big as a vacation for the individual who makes the highest sales or a small privileged for a week for a good deed. For a digital company, this could be based on how engaging the social media message is being shared, liked, or viewed on social media pages.

You can see more gamification examples here.

5. Have Realistic Goals & Support Your Team

Many managers set unrealistic goals and push them to their team. This can be overwhelming, which could lead to demotivation and a decrease in productivity.

If you are on a tight deadline, explain it to your employees instead of throwing tantrums to everyone. You could then add incentives to encourage your team to work harder, longer hours, and faster.

6. Create a Conducive Environment for Your Employees

A stressful environment is a big mood-killer. Work on ensuring that the office has comfort. This could be installing a heater in the room if it’s very cold, or purchasing more comfortable seats in the office.

Additionally, let your employees know that they are valued members of the business.


Paying employees is not enough to create a productive workforce. You have to empower them.

Try one or two of the six tips, and you be no doubt impressed.


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