Submersible electric pump and axial pump characteristics of the use of analysis

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With the improvement of science and technology in recent years, the submersible pumps and single-pedestal vertical axial-flow pumps have been widely used in pumping station design. This article has carried out preliminary studies on the characteristics of submersible electric pumps and single-base vertical axial-flow pumps Discussion: 1. Relative Advantages Submersible pump is a mature imported from abroad conventional pump replacement products, has been widely used in foreign and domestic single-based vertical axial flow pump is known as the DP pump, pump a mechanical and electrical, It is the latest pump developed by some pump factories in China in recent years. The single-base vertical axial-flow pump makes up for the shortage of submersible pumps and absorbs the advantages of submersible pumps. While simplifying the installation and maintenance of axial flow pump Submersible pump and single-base vertical axial flow pump compared with the conventional pump has the following advantages: 1.1 civil investment to save the use of submersible pumps and single-base vertical axial-flow pump station In the civil investment, the South can save 30% to 40% of investment, the efficiency is very significant (most of the submersible pump stations in the south do not set the water part); but in Heilongjiang Province to consider the issue of winter frost, you must also set the water part of the plant, resulting in Benefit is not significant, but compared with the conventional pumping station can be removed from the motor layer, lower plant height. You can also save some investment. 1.2 Installation is extremely convenient Zhaodong Songhuajiang main dam Dyke pumping station is down, four 700 mm caliber submersible pump, which spent half an hour to install in place, and the Zhaodong Songhua River embankment emerging Pump station 3 700 mm diameter conventional axial flow pump installation and debugging shared half a month. Conventional pump installation of high precision concentricity tolerance should be less than 0.03 ~ 0.04mm / m, plus the province's installation team more by the civil construction team to install their own, the installation capacity is limited, the installation accuracy is not enough, so that after the pump started pumping shaft Oscillation is too large, the pump output increased or motor overload, serious can not be started. Zhaoyuan County Doushan station several pump shaft eccentricity are larger, both measured by 50mm, and there is l Taiwan pump is always unable to take off. Consider the winter frost problem, some pump stations have a pump bell mouth and impeller frost heaving destruction. To this end in winter need to pump out. At the same time also consider the pump motor running caused by the foundation of uneven settlement on the impact of concentricity. And then consider the minor repairs and normal annual overhaul, the second year of installation, maintenance of the project is very large, and for the safe operation of pumping stations bring greater risks. 1.3 easy to operate, reliable operation, less auxiliary equipment, low maintenance costs Conventional axial flow pump to be injected before the start of lubrication water, run-time need to be in the transmission device cooling wood, for which additional water supply pipes and valves, so that the pump Of the start-up and operation become complex, it is difficult to achieve automation and control, while the submersible pump and single-base vertical axial flow pump to abandon the above shortcomings. 2. Relative characteristics Submersible pumps and single-base vertical axial flow pump although there are many common advantages, but also reflected in the use of their own different characteristics. 2.1 Submersible pump troubleshooting difficult Submersible pump is the early 80s in China from the British company to introduce a full set of production drawings and technology. As a national key scientific and technological project, focusing on solving the problem of motor seal and leakage, and submersible pump pump can be grouped separately, detachable. The single-base vertical axial flow pump pump as a whole, can not be separated. Submersible pumps are set to overheat, the motor chamber, the oil chamber leak protection and other automatic protection, but in the event of a major accident, only the submersible pump back to the plant for maintenance, pumping station operation and management have a lot of inconvenience. Single-base vertical axial flow pump failure and annual overhaul, minor repair can take advantage of the pump station's own maintenance capabilities, do not have to return to the manufacturer for repair, save a lot of freight, repaired pumps ready for use, like diving Electric pump waiting to be shipped back from the production of wide home. 2.2 hydraulic submersible pump in the water running performance, good cooling effect, high transmission efficiency pump and motor, the pump assembly efficiency of pump slightly higher than other types, can save power, compared to a single base drive Vertical Axial Shaft longer, power consumption slightly larger than the submersible pump. 2.3 pairs of motor requirements Submersible pump motor requirements prevent leakage of water inside the motor and other protective measures. Single-base vertical axial flow pump using ordinary motor, motor protection does not require special protection measures. 2.4 Price chemical pump power 200kw Submersible Pump prices are about 15 or less to 1.8 times that of conventional pumps, more than 200 kW pump price similar to conventional prices. Basis of a single vertical axial flow pump can not completely replace submersible pumps, in - must also be some special occasions with submersible pumps, and the basis of a single vertical axial flow pump shaft is too long there, as well as the plant is too high and other shortcomings.

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