Ways To Take Care Of Your Face And Body!

Posted by Sealectric on November 18th, 2019

Good skin looks beautiful is an important part of good skin care. Until now, skin care with beautiful nourishing creams also have many competing advertisements. Causing some skin care creams are so expensive that many people can't buy them But today, we have a way to take care of your skin to be beautiful and clear with simple, natural methods, without having to waste too much money in your wallet. But first of all, I have to look at the causes of aging skin, dull skin, freckles and dark spots. First, what causes it? So that we can find a way to prevent and correct it.

Causes dry and damaged skin
Sunlight. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can cause premature skin aging. Because sunlight destroys collagen, a tissue that acts to bond the skin cells together and the elastin fibers in the skin become thicker when exposed to too much sunlight. replace May be popular, but still affects the health of the skin And increase the risk of skin cancer as well As for the mechanism of tanning When our skin is exposed to sunlight, it stimulates the pigment melanocytes to release melanin. And the pigment will move to the surface of the skin and cause brown color To protect the skin from damage by sunlight In addition, the heat from the sun also causes the oil to coat the skin as well. Which causes the skin to peel, become flaky and dry

Dry air, like the cold season, the humidity in the air will be lower resulting in rough, dry skin. The cold wind will cause the skin to dry and pull moisture from the skin. Therefore, when the weather is cold, we need to apply lotion to protect the whole body. The water heater can also dry the skin. In addition, air conditioning in tropical cities and artificial air onboard can also dry out the skin. We therefore need to apply a cream to add moisture to the skin as well.

If you're thinking about having slight plastic surgery but do not like the idea of checking in to a hospital or clinic, you may well be a good candidate to get a medi spa. A medical spa is a crossover between a spa and a medical facility at which you can be pampered and relaxed and have cosmetic treatment performed with no that hospital feel. And as you may sacrifice the hospital experience that you never sacrifice the hospital quality or safety by using a med spa.

Cold weather, cold weather will cause the blood vessels to contract. Blood supply to different parts is not good, so we need to exercise to stimulate the blood to feed different parts of the body including skin. And should wear warm clothes As well as adjusting the temperature of warm water used to cool off.

Air pollution, dust, smoke, smoke from food, etc. will cause residue on the skin, resulting in deterioration and dull skin. Normally, the cell membrane is an important protective barrier in the body and is responsible for determining which substances should or should not be ingested. Hazardous substances can be separated from the cell by cell membranes in a certain amount.

Stress causes the release of stress hormones and fluctuating bodily functions in many systems. Including excretion of toxic waste products and causing skin deterioration
Residue in many foods can cause the body to become unattractive. They are also free radicals that cause cell degeneration and aging, such as preservatives, mold, pesticides, etc.


Smoking, another cause of harmful substances, can damage various tissues causing blood vessels to contract. And worsen the delivery of nutrients to the blood vessels

Drugs can also cause harmful substances to damage various tissues, as well as free radicals that damage cells to get old and may become cancerous cells.

Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea can cause dehydration throughout the body and skin, causing wrinkles and bags under the eyes easily.

Bright light from a computer monitor Phone screens that contain different rays will stimulate the cells to produce more black pigment and spread to the epidermis like sunlight.

Rapid weight loss Resulting in clearly wrinkled and sagging skin Therefore, maintaining a constant weight will help prevent wrinkles.

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