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Posted by Sealectric on December 10th, 2019

Many people have plans to use the money collected for a long time. Prepare to buy a big gift to celebrate the end of this year. Believe that one of them will have a "new computer" for sure, but for those who want to build a computer, they have to go through the first checkpoint, which is "specification". This part is even more important than the money in the pocket. Computer is good or bad depends on this part only. Some people who do not have much knowledge in this field. When he asked other people to help arrange the specs May not get the exact specifications that are desired, but how good it is If we can arrange a spectcom By myself Therefore, come to see the technique of organizing the specification or choose to buy the computer Assembled for beginners. In the most easily understood form And may arrange the specification by themselves within an hour.

Seek the advice of close friends and associates that have applied precisely the precise type of application you are searching for. Ask them where they purchased the program, how much they paid, the length of time they have applied the software, what form of guarantee came with this program, etc.. Just in case you have a process, that demands a deadline, such as, for instance, a payroll program, ask them how they were able to get resolutions for their own queries and the length of time did it take. You may get additional information about pc software by browsing website.

Another charm of the computer is that we can design the computer as you like. Can say that it is a work of art We want it to be of any shape, color, and accessory. It all depends on our choices, as long as we arrange ourselves without being dependent on anyone.

Prepare specifications in our way
If wanting to arrange the specification by oneself as Things that must be first are "Needs" asks us first what kind of computer we want to use, just print the document. Or print 3D content with 4K video editing. Use to play funny games or play high-end graphics such as Star Wars Battlefront II, Assassin Creed Origins. Of course, want to have good things, must have money. If the specifications in this budget, even if the computer is not very strong. But it can be further expanded in many ways Therefore suitable for beginners.

After this is the technique of buying or specifying Written for people who don't have any knowledge in this matter Therefore, I will write in a language that is easy to understand. Doesn't explain much technical details Format of spectroscopy techniques Will chase you to get to know all 8 basic computer components first.

desktop software

How strong will our computer be? Based on the brain or CPU we choose. Currently, the CPU has two major manufacturers, Intel and AMD, which are now very competitive between Coffee Lake (Gen 8) from Intel and Ryzen from AMD for justice. Would like to recommend along with both brands. Which one is right for us?

An electronic circuit board that acts as the center of all other components in the assembly computer or even the notebook itself. Compared to the CPU that is the brain, the Mainboard is "bone". Returning to the selection for the Mainboard, it is considered to be prudent when buying.

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