Hydraulic control valve definition and selection note

Posted by uuuseff on November 19th, 2019

Hydraulic control valve is a water pressure control valve, which consists of a main valve and attached to the catheter ﹑ pilot valve ﹑ needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge and other components. The use of hydraulic control valve, we must first pay attention to selection, improper selection, will cause water and air leakage phenomenon. Selection of hydraulic control valve, the device must be consumed per hour steam multiplied by the selection rate of 2-3 times the maximum condensate, to select the displacement of hydraulic control valve. To ensure that hydraulic control valve in the car as soon as possible to discharge condensate, the rapid increase in temperature of heating equipment. Hydraulic control valve discharge energy is not enough, will cause condensation can not be discharged in time, reducing the thermal efficiency of heating equipment. Selection of hydraulic control valve, hydraulic control valve can not be selected nominal pressure, because the nominal fmjyh0919 pressure can only represent the pressure level of hydraulic control valve body shell, hydraulic control valve nominal pressure and the pressure difference is very large. Therefore, according to the working pressure to choose the hydraulic control valve displacement. Working pressure is the difference between the working pressure before the hydraulic control valve minus the back pressure at the outlet of the hydraulic control valve. The choice of hydraulic control valve requires accurate water vapor barrier drainage, sensitive hydraulic control valve is high, can improve steam utilization, no leakage of steam, reliable performance, high back pressure, long life, easy maintenance is the preferred conditions.

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